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Jogjakarta Indonesia 2013 : Day 4 - A Day Of Nothing.

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Jogjakarta 2013 : Day 4 - A Day Of Nothing
 14th May 2013
Today I will do just ..... NOTHING!
During the last day of any of my holidays, I try to take time out just to relax and laze around  After all, that's what holidays are for - to wind down and rejuvenate before going back home to the grinding mill. There's no point in returning home all tired, and needing to take a holiday from the Holiday.


While Lynn and the others woke up earlier, I slept in late then went for a nice extended hotel buffet breakfast. They really do serve good food here - a range of local, Western and fusion fare.
Then I went for a nice cool dip in the pool, came back to munch a bit again and the went dipping again.

That done, I went round exploring the hotel. Hanging on the walls here and there were  artwork. At at strategic nooks were some sculptures. Here is what I saw:
Oil painting of boats in the town canal.

Abstract art oil painting.

Sculpture of a bamboo shoot with Buddha's head inside.

A small bust of Buddha sitting on a wooden trestle.

Mixed media art, very bright & colourful.

A Night Cultural Presentation.

Stylized painting of animals in the forests.

Panel painting of insects and a pot.

Colorful panel stylized painting of fishes and flowers.

Panel painting of colorful insects.

Surrealistic fabric painting of two ladies.


The rest came back from their shopping and my lazing time was over.
Time to go the airport; when we reached the airport it was dark skies again. Hopefully there will be no repeat of what happened during day 1.

A Wayang performance.
We had time to spare, but I was blessed. They were nice water colour paintings hanging on the walls there too. Time to feast my eyes while waiting for the plane.
Village horse carriage.

Cowherd and his cows.

Street music performer.

Cock Fighting

Javanese Horse Wariors.

And with this it was time for us to ride of to the horizon ... er... I mean fly off to the horizon and back home. 

Selamat Jalan
It was a smooth flight home.

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