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Australia: Sydney 2013 - Title Page

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Australia : Sydney 2013

Sydney 2013 : Day 1 - A Fishy & Rocky Day
Enjoying fresh seafood at the Fish Market and then a evening stroll at the Rocks & Circular Quay.

Sydney 2013 : Day 2 - Of Biking & Fireworks
A cycling adventure around downtown Sydney, and fireworks at Darling Harbour!

Sydney 2013 : Day 3 - Of Art & Nasi Lemak
A day of mixed extremes, one of Australian art & Malaysian nasi lemak.

Sydney 2013 : Day 4 - Up The Blue Mountains & Down The Parramatta
Up to the Blue Mountains passing the rustic town of Leura, and returning via a sunset cruise down the Parramatta.

Sydney 2013 : Day 5 - Across To Manly
A journey across the sea over to Manly Island and its charms.

Australian artwork and aborigine history at this gallery in Manly, Australia.

Australian artwork and more at this gallery in Sydney, Australia.

19th Century Australian Art

20th & 21st Century Australian Art

Australian Aborigine Art

Asian Art

Pre-19th Century European Art

19th Century European Art

20th Century European Art

Modern Art

Statues, Carvings & Crafts

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You are at - Jotaro's Blog / Footsteps / Australia : Sydney 2013
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