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Jogjakarta Indonesia 2013 : Day 1 - A Day Of Reckoning?

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Jogjakarta 2013 : Day 1 - A Day Of Reckoning?
 11th May 2013
It was supposed be a peaceful, short 2-hour flight from Kuala Lumpur to Jogjakarta (often called by it's official name Yogjakarta). But the skies proved us wrong! It was a rough, bumpy flight. As we approached Jogja's Adisucipto International Airport, the pilot announced that we would be landing shortly. I switched off my mobile game and continued  reading Air Asia's in-flight magazine. There's this informative article on fuel use for planes from which I learnt that jet fuel was more akin to kerosene and much cheaper than the petrol that our cars guzzle.
But after half an hour or more, I noticed that we had not started the descent yet. That got me worried, but the captain calmly announced that a storm has forced the airport to close down temporarily, and the plane will be in a holding pattern until the storm abated. However, after another hour we were still flying round in circles and my thoughts went back to that article on jet fuel - or more precisely to the airline fuel policy that a plane carries enough fuel for it to land at  the next nearest airport plus another 30 minutes of flying. Hey! Haven't we been holding for 1-1/2 hours?
Is this our day of reckoning?
When we landed after a two hour delay, weren't we glad that our feet were on firm ground again. I could just kiss the ground!

With that air-panic episode attack over, I was glad when the van picked us up and sent us over to the Eclipse Hotel. It's a very nice hotel - clean, nice fairly good-sized rooms and reasonably priced at less than USD60 per night. And ours opened to a corridor overlooking the nicely landscaped pool. So we chilled for a while before we start our romp into the neighborhood.

First thing of order, FOOD!
Just down the road from the hotel is this restaurant called Via Via that is run by an NGO in collaboration with Joker Tourism. It is an interesting place and more than just a place to eat. Travellers congregate here to share their experiences and exchange tips on travelling in Indonesia, etc. Via Via even offers cycling tours, short trips ranging from a day to longer over-night ones to the other end of Java and beyond.
Oh oh... I detract, back to the food! The food is reasonably priced comprising local fare, western fare and a fusion of both. I had a tenderloin steak which was very fresh and tender; AND cheap, considering that it was air-flown in from Australia.

Via Via has many branches all over the world. It has a unique concept, other than seeing to the gastronomical needs of travellers; it encourages the growth of local culture, be it art, dance, local cooking, etc. This branch even has a section that sells merchandise made from discarded rubber tyres and tubes. Unique, isn't it?

I present here a few of the artwork by budding local artists found hanging on the walls of the restaurant. Via Via regularly holds exhibitions of these artists to encourage them.
Faceted photo of a budding artist - this one is found on the menu.

- by Irennius Bongky (2009)

"El Diano"
- by Kasih Martona (2009)

"Paradoxical Beauty"
- by Regina Bimadona (2004)

"Kunca Kuncine"
- by Endang "Tari" Lestari (2004)

The stairs leading to the roof, constructed with timber and with paintings on the wall, it warmly tempts visitors to go up.

At the roof, with an artsy backdrop, more space to relax and mingle.

A peek down from the roof- Yes, people really find the atmosphere here cordial, one that encourages reaching out to others.

A simple notice board allows travellers to communicate with each other.
Need a travelling companion or need some second-hand stuff, just post it there.
As we were running on a tight tour schedule, we did not leave a notice behind; but we did leave the place with lingering memories.

Well, back to the hotel then. Tomorrow will be a day of temples, a lot of walking required so best to rest early and wake up early too.
We have a sunrise to catch at BOROBUDUR!

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