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YummY! - Thai Base Restuarant @ Sri Damansara

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Sri Damansara, Selangor, Malaysia - September 2013
On a cycling jaunt with some friends, we popped into Thai Base, a restaurant in Sri Damansara that serves pretty good Thai food.

But as one enters the place, thoughts of whether this place is a Thai foodie joint creeps in. Sure there is a grinding stone fountain right at the entrance with a yellow lotus lamp ... 

... but the stairs up to the first floor is decorated with glazed Chinese Dragon Vases and the walls plastered Western stacatto style.
Oh dear.... let's hope the food really is Thai.

The menu came - Hmm.... finally something Thai-ish. The photos of the food looks Thai but lacks embellishments to augment a more Thai look. Let's see how the real food stands up to my fussy taste.

The Basil Leaf Squid was very much like the dark-soy Chinese style, but the basil leave added a slight aromatic difference, and the additional spices more bite on the tongue.

With the abundant strips of mango, the Deep Fried Mango fish looks appetizing. Although the fish was a bit over-fried rendering the meat slightly tougher, the sweet and spicy sauce made up for that shortcoming.

Their Thai Green Curry Chicken is different from those served at many other Thai restaurant, instead of chunks of chicken, the chicken were sliced into more bite-manageable slices. And it came with large slices of eggplant, cuts of long beans and some basil leave. Overall it was not that spicy hot, a bit on the sweeter side and taste-wise average.

The soup of the Tomyam was a bit of a disappointment  it lacked that strong tomyam flavour and was closer to the local asam pedas in taste.

Help! I can't find the tofu in this Clay-pot Tofu dish. After a bit of digging, I did manage to find them submerged and lost in the sea of vegetables. This is a Chinese wannabe Thai dish, so it was nothing spectacular, just average.

Now, this dish makes the place worthwhile visiting - the Chilli Pate Boneless Chicken. As the name says it, the chicken is boneless, and what makes it have that "oomph!" is the chilli paste gravy. Spicy, slightly sour and not overly sweet it tasted very good. The gravy seeped well into the chicken.

The Stir Fried Brinjals With Minced Shrimp & Chilli was also very good. The stir-frying adequately done to make the eggplant soft but not gooey. The shrimp and chilli gravy was thick to the point of being a paste giving them a very good strong flavor.

Overall, barring the couple of excellent dishes, the meal was just average. There was no complaints for the cost though; at just about RM20-00 per head for the nine of us - I guess this is what draws the crowd to this place, very reasonable pricing.

Address : 7-1, Jln Tanjong SD13/2,
Bandar Sri Damansara,

Tel : 03-6275 2284
GPS : 3.188824, 101.604882

Restoran Thai Base @ Sri Damansara Location Map (Google Map Link)

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