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Art Gallery - Graffiti Street Art @ Kuala Lumpur AKLEH Storm Drains Pt.2

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Street Art Wall Murals @ AKLEH Klang River Storm Water Drains  Pt.2
Klang River, AKLEH, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - September 2020
Our cycling rides have taken us to many an interesting place, often for food but also to historical places, and interestingly also to odd places with beautiful artwork!

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KL Grafitti Mural @ AKLEH Storm Drains Pt.3.

Previously I had wrote about the murals drawn onto the walls of the Klang River located between Sultan Abdul Samad Building and the KL-Klang Bus Terminal. That stretched has now been turned into a nicely landscaped section of the River of Life project. Unfortunately these murals had all be painted over, it would have been great if they (or at least part of them) could have been maintained as they give a glimpse into the artistic spirit of Malaysians.

But fret not, all is not lost! New street art murals have popped up at the Klang River storm/monsoon drain walls at a section running below the AKLEH (Ampang-Kuala Lumpur Elevated Highway). I am not sure who the artists are and which company sponsored the paint, but these new murals seems to be more vibrant, colourful and bright!

The murals are painted onto both side of the monsoon drain walls running between the LRT Damai Station and the LRT Datuk Keramat Station. One can walk/cycle in via the ramps near these stations or a ramp near Lorong Keramat 16. We (and our bicycles) went in via a more interesting and daunting route: through a small wall opening opposite Surau Jumaat Al-Ikhlasiah (GPS: 3.16625, 101.71985)) along Jalan Datuk Keramat, click here for a Google Street View of the opening.

From there, to reach where the murals are, it was a surrealistic bike ride of 500 meters along the sloping base of the Klang River monsoon drain, with the long slabs supporting the AKLEH above us. The loud roar of the traffic on top could be heard!
Be warned though, these are storm-water drains, and during the torrential monsoon rain they can fill up pretty high - SO DO NOT ENTER during rainy days/season.

Okay, enough of the preamble. Lets have a look at the wall murals, these are pretty large spanning about 20 to 30 feet long and taking up the full height (about 10-15 feet) of the drain walls. These are presented here in the order that they were seen starting from the LRT Damai Station and heading to the LRT Datuk Keramat Station. Some would say that these graffiti artists are amateurs, but looking at the artwork they have created, their attention to colours and detailing is superb.
Due to photography angle, and for presentation purposes, many of photos shown here have been cropped, so it is better to go there and see these artworks for yourselves when you have the opportunity.
Below are the artwork, click on the photo to view. Enjoy!
A green lady; reminds me of an alien lady from Star Trek.

A pink and red mechanical collection?

More jazzy letter art.

This reminds me of the movie "The Birdman of Alcatraz". The guy looks like Clint Eastwood, but he did not appear in that movie, Burt Lancaster was the lead actor. 

A weaponized car from Mad Max?

Grey letters in a colorful splotchy universe.

This blue-head cat seems to be a cartoon character from a Japanese Mangga.

This bright letters seems to form a spaceship!

A Japanese samurai, but why is he holding a multi-blade razor?

More word art below:

Red Rocker? The Global Idol?

More Word art.

I like this one of a pretty lass, it's nicely done,



Surprisingly bright orange goes well with a purple background.


Basketball Player

Sponge Bob's cousins - the Blue Cheese facing some sort of melt down coolly.

Looks like some sort of green alien octopus with sharp teeth eating up a crocodile head vulture!

Purple Mouse shocked by a Phat One sitting on it.

Monk exterminator or painters?

Space Shark Samurai!

Word Art.

Mr. Heart?

"The Saint" pink word art with a golden halo.

Rhinoceros Warrior.

"The Saint" pink word art.

Power Rat?

Snoozing on a hammock.
Sometimes these simple ones are beautiful.

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KL Grafitti Mural @ 
AKLEH Storm Drains Pt.3

Klang River, AKLEH (Ampang-Kuala Lumpur Elevated Highway)
Damai LRT Station (GPS: 3.16440, 101.72448) to Keramat LRT Station (GPS: 3.16497, 101.732)
Accessible from the ramps near these stations and also from a ramp near Lorong Keramat 16 (GPS: 3.16478, 101.72788)
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