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YummY! - Roast Duck Wantan Noodles @ Bukit Tinggi Pahang

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Roast Duck Wantan Noodles @ Bukit Tinggi Pahang

Kampong Bukit Tinggi, Pahang, Malaysia - April 2016
Although set in a location much inland, there are many restaurants selling good seafood in Bukit Tinggi. These caters for the crowd that goes up to Genting Highlands and also those who goes durian hunting, a fruit of which this district is famous for.
What if you are looking for simple lunch OR if there are just too few of you to take on the sumptous seafood treats. This here is a quick blog on a stall at Kedai Makan & Minum Zheng Ji that sells very good roast duck that goes very well with wantan noodles.

Our vendor is a happy man, business must be good for him considering that these days many get away from the maddening city during the weekends for a quite treat in these area. We were one of those, but our adventure was of a different kind, we cycled all the way from Kuala Lumpur!

While talking to the happy man, my eyes could not help it but be distracted by his good duck, and my aim was at the sumptous looking drumstick. Mind you, he sells more than just roast duck - on his menu too are roast pork, barbecued pork and roasted free-range chicken. Feeling that we could afford the calories after the hard cycling, we made orders for wantan noodles (both dried and soup) and also a separate plate of his roast duck.

And..... here it comes! A plate of golden brown tempation just waiting for us to dig in.

As expected, the skin was superb, slight crispy and easy to bite into. A thin layer of fat below it added to the duckinsh aroma with every bite. The meat itself was just nicely done, tendy, tasty and juicy. Surprisingly, it went very well with the soup wantan noodles; I let any excess oil drip into the soup.... and Waaala! A good mix that had me drinking in all the soup.

The wantan noodles could have been more bitey, but the soup tasted good. The kicker was their wantans (which we ordered a whole bowl extra), they were of fairly large size and full tasty meat, one that have not been minced too finely so as to retain the meaty bite.
Overall, the wantan noodles were good; not the best but good enough for us starving cyclist. It was the overall combo with the duck that made this meal memorable.

Zheng Ji coffee-shop is next to the air-conditioned restaurant of the same name. This place is slightly further away from Kampong Bukit Tinggi (where many stop to buy Bentong Ginger and other fruits) and quite near the BhP petrol station.

P2 Jalan Pesona 1, Taman Pesona, Kampung Bukit Tinggi, 28750 Bentong, Pahang, Malaysia.
Tel: +609-233 0366
GPS: 3.35461, 101.82766
(Click here for Google Street View)

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You are at - Jotaro's Blog / Footsteps YummY! / Chinese Food / Chinese Noodles / Roast Duck Wantan Noodles @ Bukit Tinggi Pahang
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