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YummY! - Good Korean Pork Bone Soup (Gamja-tang/감자탕) @ Sehwa-ri Jeju

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Good Korean Pork Bone Soup (Gamja-tang/감자탕) @ Sehwa-ri Jeju Island

Sehwa-ri, Jeju Island, South Korea - March 2017
We were on a cycling tour round Jeju Isalnd, the previous night we had very good Jeju Black Pork at Halla Black Pork Restaurant, that delectable dish of barbecued Jeju black pigs. Good as the dish may be, it's a heavy dish more of a dinner fare.
So this fine morning, we decided to try something else for breakfast, something lighter and also a favourite with Koreans; Gamja-tang (감자탕), a pork-bone soup.

But when our orders came we were quite surprised; we had each ordered a bowl each of the Gamja-tang and they came in heated large, black earthen-ware bowls. Together with these came good mix of Banchan AND bowls of rice for each of us too!
This is going to be one heavy breakfast, and it looked too delicious not to be finish. Never mind, we will just skip lunch afterwards... hopefully.

When the soup came, we could hardly see the pork bones, it was almost totally covered by shreded vegetables (Perilla leaves), seaweed, and a white powderish stuff, I wonder what that is - hopefull nothing nefarious.

Scrapping the veggies and powder to one side, there hiding below were huge chunks of bones some with generous thick meat. No, the white powderish stuff was nothing sinister, it was ground roasted sesame seed. Stirring the powder into the soup, I took a sip. It was nice and slightly spicy. The bones and meat had seeped that flavour into the soup making it very tasty, and the sesame powder added a unique powerish after-taste as one drank in the soup.

The bones used are usually spine and neck bones. And here they gave big chunks of both, with the neck bone having lots of meat.

The meat tenderly cooked was soft and very juicy. We put only a little of the meat and soup to eat with our rice, rather wanting to savour the soup by itself.

Here we are a happy lot after this lovely meal; with Sin holding up an empty bowl to show how much he liked th soup, and the ladies holding up scrapped clean bones!

Other than the soup, here's some other dishes that the place served (taken of photos on theri walls):
Stir fried galss noodles (Japchae - 잡채) with lots of vegetables and bone meat.
We were tempted to try this, but as it is the soup was more than adequate to fill us up.

Bean sprouts soup, I have strong suspiciouns that this is a cold soup.

This looks like some noodle soup with sliced pork, not sure whether it's similar to Japanese Tonkotsu Ramen that I tried in Osaka.

Their menu on the wall.
The soup is at KRW6.000 per bowl. For the six of us the bill came to KRW41,000 inclusive of the Banchan and drinks.

The map below shows the location of the shop, as a guide above is a photo of the shop front.

3643-2 Saehwa-ri, Gujwa-eup, Cheju, Jeju-do, South Korea.
Mobile: +82-64-783-2811

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You are at - Jotaro's Blog / FootSteps / YummY! / Korea 2017 Korean Food / Good Korean Pork Bone Soup (Gamja-tang/감자탕) @ Sehwa-ri Jeju
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