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Jogjakarta Indonesia 2013 - Sea Shell Art Shop

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Jogjakarta 2013 : Sea Shell Art Shop Multi Dimensi : May 2013
A sea shell shaped table lamp made out of sea shells.
While visiting Jogjakarta (... see Jogjakarta 2013 : Day 3 - A Day Of Palacesand exploring for artwork at the Kasongan area, we happened on a shop called Multi Dimensi. They made claims to specialize in shell craft; and their claims were definitely true, for I have seldom seen so many beautiful articles made from the simple sea shell.
Let's see what they have.

Ceiling lights of various design and colors, most of which are made from mother of pearls.

Lamps made formed from rose flowers which are each made from clam shells.

The same lamps lighted up. The fine craftsmanship put into the items can now be seen even more clearly.

Hanging ceiling lamp formed from rose blooms, each of which is made from sea shells.

The same lamp lighted up.

Furniture in-laid with mother of pearl and paua shells.

Bucket chairs and side table inlaid with paua shells.

The paua shell chairs with lighted mother-of-pearl lamps behind. The setting is real nice.

Floor standing lamps mad of fiberglass with sea shell floral pattern. The workmanship and craftsmanship put into these are excellent.

A dividing partition and to the right a grandfather clock.

Another view of the grandfather clock.

Floor lamp made with small partly broken, blue sea shells.

Mirror frames made with mother-of-pear and sea shells.

Orange colored sea shell lamps.

Mother-of-pearl jewelry boxes.

More lamps formed with rose blooms made of sea shells.

Lotus flower lamps.

Tulip flowers.

A large photo frame.

Modern looking divan with coffee table.

Astapada Seberang Fly Over Tol Tengah Tani
Cirebon, West Java

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