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YummY! - Big Tilapia @ Restaurant Fu Man Tanjung Malim (福满楼)

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Big Tilapia @ Restaurant Fu Man Tanjung Malim (福满楼)

Tanjung Malim, Malaysia - August 2016
 Out from a Facebook posting in a foodie group (the Makan Club) about big Tilapia fishes, came about a mini-cycling adventure from Rawang to Tanjung Malim to savour larger-sized variety of Tilapias.
I normally don't like Tilapias of the usual, smaller sizes as I find their meat too soft and slightly slimy for my taste. But when it comes to the bigger ones, it's a different matter. The meat of the larger ones are firmer and taste better, and the thicker skin is the kicker - chewy and good to bite on. The better ones are those above 2 kg.; optimum 2.5 to 3 kg. Previously I had sample these at Laomazhi and Joe Wong's Bak Kut Teh; and am always on the look out for other foodie outlets who sell these. So here we are then at Restaurant Fu Man in Tanjung Malim to try theirs.
(... click here for photos of our cycle ride)

We started off with a simple and tasty soup - the Seong Thong Lala Soup (Clam Soup). This came with large clams and was cooked with cuts of cucumbers and a sprinkling of Chinese Wolfberries (Goji). It was a light soup, simple but with a good clam flavour, just nice to build up or appetite after a good round of cycling.

Next was a Stir-fried Mixed Vegetable In Sambal Belachan. This potpourri of vegetables (eggplant, lady fingers, long beans & bottle beans) may not look like much but with the added sambal belacan, it was indeed very tasty. And the vegetables were crunchy; one healthy food indeed (which was needed to counter the next fatty food).

This dish, the Deep Fried Salted Pork Belly, should not be missed!  It's one of their signature dishes; with the salted pork (which was also seasoned with their secret ingredients) rolled up before deep frying.

Although deep fried, the meat was very tender and the skin.... heavenly, it slightly crispy but yet soft on the inner-side... just so good to munch on!

A closer look at this !YummY! dishe; the fatty layer of the pork belly used here is thicker, something which I like as it was creamily succulent - yes sinful but good!

Okay, another healthy dish - the Soft White Tofu With Fish Paste. The tofu used here is soft but not too soft, it's still firm to maintain their shape even after cutting.

Fish paste had been put into slits before steaming. The fish paste was very tasty, especially as some salted fish has been included when making them.

Now comes their pièce de résistance, the dish which we cycled all the way to enjoy: Big Tilapia in Special Chilli Sauce. The Tilapia we got was not as large as we wanted (i.e.2.5 kg.) but it was still a whopper at just under 2 kg. It came steamed and their special home-made chilli sauce added on top with just a minimum of embellishments.

AND it was very fresh with the meat firm and tasty, and the sauce went very well with the fish. The skin was thick but not as thick as the bigger varieties but it was still chewy to munch into.

Yes, it was a very nice lunch, a fine mix of simple but delicious dishes. So if looking for good food in Selangor; go to Fu Man in Tanjung Malim, they serve these big Tilapias and a host of other fantastically good dishes too.

39,Jalan U1,Taman Universiti, Tanjong Malim, Perak Malaysia.
Tel: +605-4597620   Mobile: +6012-6541587 (Mrs. Chew)
Hours: 12:30 am to 2:30 pm /  5:30 to 10:00pm  (Days closed, please call them first)
GPS: 3.68365, 101.52999
(Click here for Google Street View)

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