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Art Gallery - Korean Street Art @ Busan (부산)

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Korean Street Art @ Busan (부산) 
Cute "See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil" baby monks with real red flower hats at a garden in Haedong Yonggungsa Temple.
Busan, South Korea - June 2016
We were on a cycling tour of South Korea and visited three of the major cities their. Our slower pace of cycling allowed us to see much more than from a speeding car. Of all three cities, I liked Busan most as it is a city full of culture and art. The streets are dotted with beautiful (and many cute) statues, at couple of back alleys there were some nice  murals painted onto the rear walls of shops. And there were more!
Here are some of the art work I saw there AND they are not from any art gallery, just beautiful pieces we saw along Busan Chinatown, Junggu Market, Jagalchi Fish MarketBusan Port, the Haedung Yonggungsa Temple and along the streets of the city. Many of these art pieces are there for the public to interact with. Enjoy!

A giant worker's foot sculpture, with figures of workers and machinery at the ankle at business district.

"Companionship" (2014) - at the business district.

"Dad Takes A Break" - brass statues at the 40-steps Street.

"The Accordion Plaer" or "How Not To Lose Your Spirit In Harsh Times" (2004) - brass statue at 40-Steps.

A tourist posing with the "Accordion Player".

"The Boom Machine Man" or "Pow! Goes The Pressurizer, Out Comes The Snack" - brass statues at 40-steps Street.

Octopus floor mural at Junggu Market area.

Family on a tram at Busan Chinatown.

Chinese warriors and sages wall mural at Busan Chinatown.

Busan Station neon fountain.

A family of refugees at Busan Port area; this portrays Korean refugees coming to Busan for safe refuge during the Korean War.

 Light house sculpture at Jagalchi Fish Market.

Swimming fishes stainless steel sculpture at Jagalchi Fish Market.

Seagulls flying over sea waves at the Jagalchi Fish Market. This fishmonger was most happy to pose with our lady friends, the mural is painted onto the wall of a cold-room fish storage room.

"Movie Cameraman"- at Jagalchi.

Playful father and son statues, at Jagalchi.

The "New Millennium Commemorative Project Monument" by Kim Dae Wook (2000AD), a  brass sculpture  of a youthful couple running towards some birds. This is a fairly large art piece located at the triangle between Gwangbok-ro & Gwangbokjungang-ro, so a few photos posted here.
(see map for location, GPS: 35.0993, 129.03134)

(... click here for street view of Millennium Commemorative Monument)

Burger poster advertisement in Clint Eastwood's cowboy style. The serape blanket robe looks a bit Korean though.

The following are some wall murals seen at the back alley of Junggu-ro:
Waiting for the bus - our three lady friends are not sitting on any bench, and are actually leaning onto the wall in a sitting pose.

Fire works at Busan Tower.

Kitten and butterflies, at left is a 3-D cloth pussycat.

Little girl in yellow dress walking at night on a dark road.

Geppetto waving goodbye to Pinocchio.

Night scene of lady food vendor at side alley; this one is done Van Gogh's "The Starry Night" style.

Close up of the lady food vendor.

Pussycats at a window porthole overlooking Busan Tower.

The following were at the Daecheong-ro vicinity:
Come sit with me & "Take A Photo Together" - bronze statue.

Little boys playing paper boats opposite a playful seal ...

... the little boys ...

... and the playful seal with a ball.

"Hug Me" lady bronze statue ...

... and I did!

"Let's Shake Hands" bronze statue of a man with a top hat.

"Symbolic Sculpture of the Korea and Japan Friendship Street."
This sculpture is the figuration of part of a Joseon Tongsingsa Parade, a traditional parade that highlights the friendship between Korea and Japan after the Imjin Waeran (Japanese invasion of Joseon in 1592). At that time, the Joseon Tongisinsa (goodwill mission) travelled from Japan through Busan and Daemo-do.

Korean lady in a colourful hanbok - poster for Korean Gugak theatre production "The Queen's Banquet".

Wall mural depicting the circle of life?

The House of Masks, on the road leading to Busan Tower (see map below).

Traditional wooden Korean masks at the House of Masks.

More timber Korean masks at the House of Masks.

Red flower mosaic wall mural at Jungang Station.

Ship building yard mosaic wall mural at Jungang Station.

Cruise ship with giant compass mosaic wall mural at Jungang Station.

Sea Sports Wall Mural at Gijang-daero, Haeundae.

Swimming Gymnists Statue Coffee Bar Complex along Gijang-daero, Haeundae.

Dragon Turtle (Longgui) Stone Statue at Haedong Yonggungsa Temple.

Praying Couple Stone Statue at Haedong Yonggungsa Temple.

Chinese Astrology Animals Stone Statues at Haedong Yonggungsa Temple.

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