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YummY! - Tonkutsu Ramen @ Restaurant Torazou Ramen

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Kuchai Lama, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - April 2014.
I have a penchant for Japanese food, likewise I think many Malaysians like Japanese too. But for many the drawback is the high price of Japanese food in most places. So where can we get reasonably priced ones that don't burn a hole in our pocket? Where can we find cheap Japanese food?

One place I found is the Sukiya chain in Japan, and they have recently opened several outlets in Malaysia. Sukiya serves pretty good Gyudon (rice with sliced beef) dishes that are also halal. But these are mainly rice staple dishes, where can we get good & cheap ramen?

By some chance business dealing, I met two enterprising young men, Alvin & Jack. With some good experience in Japanese restaurants, they were going to head off on their own. They will be starting a ramen joint, called Torazou Ramen. Good for me!
So a while after they opened their place, I popped in to try out their fare. And I must say I have no regrets as I had very good ramen and some side-dishes without stretching my wallet.

The main dish was Tonkutsu Tan Tan Ramen. Tonkutsu ramen distinctiveness comes from it's soup that is cooked with pork cutlets or pork bones, as such the soup stock is slightly murky when compared to the straightforward ramen. But it is soup with a stronger flavour, one with a heady after-taste.
This one came with two slices of barbecued pork somewhat similar to char siew & some mince pork. Embellished were some bean sprouts, cut spring onions and chili oil. AND the ramen noodles are made by themselves everyday.

Unlike the regular ramen which normally has a wafer slice of meat, Tonkutsu ramen comes with large and relatively thick slices of meat.

Stirring the ingredients together, the chilli made the dish looks spicy red. I hope that the name Tonkutsu Tan Tan will not mean one mouth of this spiciness and it's Ta-ta to the ramen. Well, it was chilli hot, but only slightly. Nothing that we Malaysians can't handle. The soup as expected was good, so good that I slurp the whole bowl until not a drop was left.
The mince pork stirred well into the house-made ramen, making the bite alternating between chewy ramen and munchy pork interesting.

Now comes the kicker, the barbecued pork. Nicely done, the lean meat was tender and the sliver of fat on top, with it's slightly burnt surface, was ..... was oo-la-la!

To go with the ramen, we ordered Tamago eggs; I have tasted better, the yolk of these were not runny enough.

Er.... what shall I do then. Ok, let's plonk the egg into the ramen soup and hope it will be better. Some slight improvement there; if the yolk was runny then this meal would have been perfect.

One of side dishes we ordered were the Gyoza dumplings. Being use to the Chinese Wo Tip, I found this the filling a bit spartan. Still it was okay having that nice partly burnt skin, and the Japanese pickled ginger went well with it. At MYR 6-80 for five pieces, one can't really complain.

The Miso Eggplant came in a hot plate and topped up with some grounded nuts. As this is slightly salty, it should be eaten dipped into the ramen soup or with white rice.

A range of tea, soft drinks, etc. are available. But if you feel like going for something with a kick, there is Asahi beer and cold sake too.

Cosy seating at covered outside corridor which pedestrians may not use as there is an adjacent five-foot way.

Indoors, the seating has been arranged in a cordial arrangement, with an overall warm, cosy environment.

On one wall are light-box displaying colourful Manga-style cartoons.

Yes, they do really make their ramen themselves everyday. At a front, in a glaze partitioned corner, can be seen ramen making equipment. I can imagine them making the ramen on show to the passing public.

Our simple meal for two. Okay it was REALLY a simple meal, one bowl of Ramen shared by two - Lynn was a light eater.
Cost wise :
1. Tonkutsu Ta Ta Ramen = MYR 16-90
2. Tamago eggs = MYR 2-00
3. Gyoza dumplings Set = MYR 6-80
4. Miso Eggplant = MYR 5-80
5. Green Tea for two = MYR 4-00
Total = MYR 35-50
Cost per pax = MYR 17-75
Very reasonable for a meal for two.

The following are their menu (Note: pricing is at time of this blog) :
Their main Ramen & Side Dish Menu. I was please to observe that most of their side dishes are below MYR10-00.

Menu for more side-dishes, drinks & desserts.

A photo menu of side-dishes & their pricing.

41-G, Jalan Kuchai Maju 7 (Off Jalan Kuchai Lama),
58200 Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park,Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Telephone : 03-7972 7383        

Hours : Everyday - 11:30am to 3:00pm / 6:00 pm to 11:00pm

GPS : 3.089212, 101.686121

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