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YummY! - Cambodian Lunch @ Oudong Temple

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Oudong, Cambodia - October 2013
I was cycling from Phnom Penh to Oudong to see the temples there (... see The Oudong Trail blog), before climbing up to the temple (... see Oudong Temple blog - coming soon) we had a light lunch at one of the many stalls at the foothill of Mount Oudong.

Signages advertising food stalls by the roadside.
There are many food-stalls at the foot hills of Mount Oudong, but do not expect proper restaurants. If you are not fussy, eat Cambodian style at these places, it's an experience and the food can turn out to be good too.

The actual eating is on these mat covered wooden platforms. Hammocks are provided at each platform, the Cambodians like to take it easy during meal times. For those not cosy with sitting akimbo to eat, there are a few tables around.

The kitchen and preparation are similar attap huts. Being in the country side is a bonus, all the food served here are organic; the vegetables grown naturally, the meat from free-range animals and the fish freshly caught.

For starters, we had this Cambodian Sticky Rice in Bamboo bought from vendors plying the area.

The glutinous rice mixed with some white beans are steamed in short cuts of bamboo. When cooked the thin sheath of bamboo skin sticks to the rice making it easy to hold without the rice sticking to the hands. The bamboo skin is edible too.

The main course came, and this hungry cyclist was ready to dig in. There were only three dishes to go with the white rice, I would have love to try more, but then there were only two of us.
We will be eating ala Cambodian style - sitting crossed legs on those platforms.

I found the mixed tomyam of chicken and fish a bit thin, I have tasted better at Thai restaurants, but I guess this is Cambodian style. It wasn't bad so it will do and the fish was very fresh.

The next dish Morning Glory stir-fried with sliced chicken gizzards. Back in Malaysia we call this Kankong. Prognosis of the dish - just average but then I am biased towards Kankong Sambal Belacan.

The Spicy Stir Fried Chicken is my favourite. Marinated with tumeric, it was stir-fried with chillies and some green Cambodian herbs/vegetable. It went so well with the white rice that I had three helpings of rice. Here I must add that I find Cambodian rice very fragrant, even much more fragrant than the Thai ones.

(That's delicious eats in Cambodian.)

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