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Art Gallery Of NSW : 19th Century Australian Art

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Art Gallery Of New South Wales : 19th Century Australian Art
 September 2013
From A Distant Land
- oil on canvas by David Davies (1889)
The Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney houses many fine pieces of artwork, too many to be put into a single blog. I have put them into various blogs, roughly following the sectional galleries of the the Gallery.  Bear in mind, that nothing beat seeing these artwork life; so when you have the opportunity, head for this art gallery.

Entrance to the Art Gallery Of New South Wales
This one is on 19th Century Art by Australian painters. Beside each painting are labels showing the title of the painting, the painter's name and sometimes a brief history of the painter's life.

Portrait of Elizabeth Collins
- oil on canvas by Joseph Backler (1861)

The Russell-Jones Children
- oil on canvas by Richard Noble (1857)

Milford Sound, New Zealand
- oil on canvas by Eugen von Guerard (1877-79)

Mount Olympus, Lake St. Claire, Tasmania, the source of the Derwent
- oil on canvas by W C Piguenit (1875)

Patterdae Farm
- oil on canvas by John Glover (c1840)

The Dickinson Family
- oil on canvas by Marshall Claxton (1851)

Natives On The Ouse River, Van Diemen's Land
- oil on canvas by John Glover (1838)

Portrait of Mrs. Alexander Spark
- oil on canvas by Maurice Felton (1840)

Portrait of Sir James Martin
- bronze medallion by Thomas Woolner (1854)

- oil on wood by Lucien Henry (1887)

At Dromana, Victoria
- oil on canvas by Louis Buvelot (1876)

A Woolshed, Victoria
- oil on canvas by John Mather (1889)

David's First Victory
- oil on canvas by William Strutt (1868)

A Billabong On The Goulburn, Victoria
- oil on canvas by HJ Johnstone (1884)

- oil on canvas by Gordon Coutts (c1895)

A Token Of Friendship
- oil on canvas by Arthur Collingridge (1890)

Self Portrait
- oil on canvas by Nicholas Chevalier (1867)

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