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YummY! - Steam Boat Hong Kong Style @ Restaurant Bone & Pot

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Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
I have always had a penchant for Hong Kong food, the odd thing is that I have never been to Hong Kong! Tales of it's good and tantalizing cuisine abounds to tempt me.....
Whenever I have the chance I try out Hong Kong food in Malaysia, I will never miss the opportunity.

I have tried Hong Kong food from noodles to dim sum. But this time it will be something new, something one don't find that often in Malaysia - Hong Kong styled steamboat!

There is this nice place in Damansara Utama called Bone & Pot, occupying the ground & first floors. They have settings to cater for two persons up to 12 pax per table. This time we went there to celebrate my mother-out-law's (Oops! I mean mother-in-law's) birthday.

One can order their set menu or ala carte. This time around we ordered a couple of sets and some favorite ala carte dishes, as it was a grand occasion. One have to pamper one's mother-in-law and be on her good books; and what better way to do this than to eat!

The soup comes with bones, corn, radishes & some herbs.
But why that odd name Bone & Pot?
Well for one thing, all steamboats come in a pot, whether it be a metal one or a porcelain one.

And the other basic part is the bone that is used to make the soup.

The uniqueness here, is the soup. Most steamboats joints over a choice of tomyam or the normal soup stock. There is a choice of six soups, although oddly they call it broth.
We went for two type of soups, coming in individual pots.

Our orders came and started filling up the table (seriously filling up the table) until some orders have to be put onto the accompanying side table.

The starters came first, sort of like appetizers. This one is the house specialty, dep fried tofu.

And then some deep fried fish crackers. These were crispy & tasty - so nice that we ordered more.

After that, the main dishes came, those that are to be plonked into the soup - Fish Balls.

Sui Kao wantan.

Colorful yellow striped pork dumplings, looking like some strange mushrooms.

Pre-fried Fish Cake.

Deep Fried Yam Sticks - don't leave this in the soup too long or they will be too soft and disintegrate OR you can just munch on them as starters.

One of the house specialties : home-made minced pork balls.

Vegetables & Mushrooms

Pre-fried Sang Mee Noodles and Abalone Mushrooms. The noodles go in at the end, when the cooking of other ingredients have made the soup even much more sweeter.

Raw chicken eggs, that will be cooked together with the noodles.

Sauces that will spunk up the eating.
Front L-R : Sesame seed sauce, Green Chili Padi, Red Chili.
Back L-R : Fried Chili Sauce & Deep Fried Garlic.

The deep fried garlic - add some to the pot and more to your own bowl to your own taste. The other sauce goes to individual sauce plates.

It's community style eating, everybody chips in!

Everyone gets their own individual utensils...

... and their own two-sectioned sauce plate. So it's all hygienic too.

The ground floor have seating for groups up till six persons.

While the first floor have round tables that seat easily ten.

Orders are made by ticking quantities of items in the order sheets provided.

House Specialties
Deep Fried Golden Bean Curd Tofu.

Wafer thin Fresh Pork Slices.

Garlic Chives with Pork Dumpling.

Crispy Cheese Sausages.

Home-made Minced Pork Balls.

And their menu.
(Please note, the menu reproduce here is for displaying, availability & pricing may vary)

Bone & Pot - good food with a good dining experience.

7 Jalan SS25/62, Damansara Utama,
47301 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia

Phone:+603-7880 5511

FaceBook :
Web Site  :

Hours : 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm (Daily)

GPS : 3.132653, 101.621008

Restoran Bone & Pot Hong Kong Steamboat (Google Map Link)

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