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YummY! - French Exquisitness @ Nathalie's Gourmet Studio

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Publika Mall, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur - 2012
Mince Beef on Potato Appetizers
I was introduced to this place when I attended a graduation being held here. It's an odd place to hold a school's graduation, but aren't I glad that they held it here for the food served was just exquisite.

Nathalies Gourmet Studio is located on the first floor of the Publika Mall, on the street side section. The restaurant was being prepared for the ceremony; and while waiting at the corridor outside, we were served finger food appetizers (like the one in the first photo) and drinks.

More appetizers - Lobster meat wrapped in beef bacon.

This one looks simple but it is well balanced with the saltiness of the bacon bringing out the lobster flavor very well.

The indoors is cozy and not overly decorate, simple yet warm.

The entree - lightly sauteed scallop sitting atop squid wrapped in spinach leaves and heavenly topped with foamy mushroom cream.

The scallops were tender on the inside, and that slightly burnt outside has brought the "sea" flavour out from within.

Below it, I sliced the spinach open to find a treasure inside - squid that were top sliced prior to cooking to make them tender. Soft and very bite-able, unlike many rubbery squid dishes that I have encountered. Yes. A real treasure, with the slight bitterness of the spinach balancing the gentle flavor of the squid.

To go with the nice seafood and later the white meat, we had nice white wine.

And the main course - Slowly Poached Chicken sitting on red cabbage puree with champagne foam overflowing from the top.

The baby carrots and peas are a nice touch to balance the meal as well as the presentation.

Out of the blues, Nathalie herself popped out from her kitchen. She was very sporting, posing for a photo with me.

Desserts! Chocolate Mousse with a sail-like caramel wafer topping it.

As in any French Cuisine, presentation was important, a simple dessert was mad extra nice with droplets of chocolate sauce around it - something from Alice in Wonderland?

To top up the evening -
Colorful macarons, these are Nathalie's jewel in the crown.

It was a good meal, a lovely meal - a tinge of paradise. And there is still yet so much to explore on their menu. I will have to come back for more exquisiteness.

A4-1-05, Publika Mall
Solaris Dutamas, Jalan Dutamas 1
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel.: 03-6207 9572

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GPS : 3.171700, 101.664385

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