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YummY! - Cambodian Pancake @ Riverside Bistro, Phnom Penh

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Phnom Penh, Cambodia - July 2013
While on a cycling tour of the Riverside in Phnom Penh (... see Pedaling Phnom Penh  July 2013 Day 1), I stopped by the aptly named Riverside Bistro for some eats.
So what should I eat? It shouldn't be something to heavy as I will be continuing cycling. I opted for a local fare - Cambodian fare, something healthy with meat and lots of vegies.

Even on the outside the bistro, with it's warm lighting and a nice Buddha head, looks cozy. They have several tables for outside seating & I opted for one of those.

The beer came first. Angkor beer is a light lager; cool & refreshing, it was rejuvenating after a tiring cycle.

The pancake came, looking more like a omelet. It was served together with slices of cucumber, fresh lettuce leaves and some Cambodian salad leaves that had a minty flavor. Also there was a small saucer of cut small chilies and shallots immersed in a sweet sour sauce.

Inside, it was filled with minced pork accompanied by bean sprouts, carrot strips, small slices of cucumber and some mushrooms. Tastewise, it was lightly on the palate.

I found it a bit dry and bland; that's where the the hot-sweet-sour sauce comes in - it added that zing to the dish.

To be fair, they have quite an extensive menu, one that is a mix of Western and Cambodian food. There is also some delicious looking pastries on display. Next time for me perhaps.

The indoors was similarly cozy with a nice arrangement of dining area and drinking area. There is also a generous range of alcoholic drinks for one to imbibe on. Perhaps later in the night this place will be more of a drinking joint, after all they have live music from 8pm-12am - but I did not stay on long enough to find out.

The bill came to USD8-00; USD6-50 for the pancake and USD1-50 for the beer. This is slightly on the higher side, but one has to pay for the Riverside premium location.

Address : #273A, Sisowat Quay, Corner Street 148,
Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
GPS : 11.569786, 104.930066

Hours : 9:00am to 5:00am (Everyday)

Riverside Bistro, Phnom Penh, Cambodia Location Map (Google Map Link)

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