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Jogjakarta Indonesia 2013 - Hery's Batik Painting Center

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Jogjakarta 2013 : Hery's Batik Painting Center - May 2013
On the third day of our Jogjakarta tour (... see Jogjakarta 2013 : Day 3 - A Day Of Palaces), we visited Hery's Batik Art Center. Do not be mistaken, it is not a batik shop, but a batik art center.
Here, they do not sell batik cloth; here they produce nice pieces of batik art. And their are indeed wonderful work of art as can be seen below.

Fishermen Walking To Their Sampans

Three Javanese Lady Dancers

Javanese Masks

Jeusu Christ On The Cross

Stylized Kampong Scene

Borobudur & Kampong

Morning In The Kampong

Colored Waves In The Moonlight

Four Fishes In The Sea

Jesus On The Cross

Dark Masks

The Sun, A Fish & Two Maidens

Fishes In The Waves

Horses Running In The Waves

Birds Of Paradise

Kampong Folks & Fishing Boats At Dawn

Red Masks

Garden Scene

Lady Javanese Dancer

Wayang Kulit Figurine Lady Dancers

Two Lady Javanese Dancers - stylized painting.

Releasing Birds At Borobudur
(Note: in Eastern culture, releasing birds, fishes is an act of good karma.)

Dragon In The Fiery Red Sky

Shrouded Man

Sampans In The Rough Sea

Smiling Masks

Traditionally Adorned Javanese Lady

View of Hery's Batik Painting Art Center.

Another View of the Batik Painting Art Center.

Hery & Jotaro Zen

Road-side Signage - Hery's Palace Batik Painting Center
(he call it the "Palace Center" as it is near the Sultan's Palace)

Ngadisuryan KT I/27
Jogjarkata, West Java

Tel : +62-08 1734 8334

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  1. Just landed on your blog, an awesome article about Jogja, my hometown... One thing about Hery's Batik Painting workshop address, it should be Ngadisuryan KT I/27, Jogjakarta. Not in Cirebon, West Java, for sure. As Jogja and Cirebon are 2 different cities :-)

    1. Hi Aneng,
      Thanks for reading my blogs and pointing out the error.
      It is most appreciated and I will have it corrected.