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Sites : Putrajaya Lakeside - Putrajaya, Malaysia

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Putrajaya Lakeside
Putrajaya, Malaysia - 19th May,2013
The Putrajaya Lakeside is a very beautiful place, ringed by pathways and surrounded by nice buildings and bridges. The best way to enjoy the place is by walking around ...

... or better still cycling around it. This covers the place at a faster pace and one can stop at scenic areas to one's liking.
I have cycled around the lake a few times, and have never failed to enjoy it.

Putrajaya Lakeside Map (Google Map Link)
Putrajaya Lake cover an area of 650 hectares. It is a man-made lake, constructed during the development of Putrajaya from the existing natural valleys which were flooded through a three months period to achieve the present water levels.

At strategic locations near the lake are posted maps of the lake area indicating "You Are Here" locations and locations of eateries, points of interest, etc.


The areas surrounding the well landscaped which gives a scenic view of the lake.

Another view of green landscaping surrounding the lake, at the south side.

Ringing the lake are well paved walkways, this one with the Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Mosque in the background.

The walkways are nicely landscaped - the PICC (Putrajaya International Convention Centre) in the background.

Walkway with the Seri Gemilang Bridge and office towers in the background.

At the lakeside can be seen interesting buildings like the Putra Mosque ...

... modern designed office towers ...

... and residential houses.

Nice bridges.

Spaced along the walkways are shaded shelters.


Taking advantage of the lake's beauty, many buildings are located at it's fringes; here is a closer view of the Putra Mosque.

At the Dataran Gemilang end can be seen ultra-modern office towers.

A vertically curved office tower.

Another view of the curved office tower.

A diamond-pattern office tower.

Another view of the diamond-pattern office tower.

A partly vertically curved office tower.

The Millennium Monument - below it are buried time capsules, with the first one to be opened in the year 2020 AD.

 At the south-east corner of the lake is a dam (called in Bahasa Malaysia - Empangan). This holds back the water of the man-made lake before it is discharged into the streams below.


There are many bridges crossing the lake over to the Core Island.
Let's start with a simple one, the Empangan Bridge next to the dam. It is a pedestrian bridge connecting over to the dam.
I call it the Butterfly Bridge as suspension cables hang down from two side arches, making them look like butterfly wings.

The Empangan Bridge, viewed from the side.

The next bridge is the MRT bridge - a two mast, metal span suspension bridge. It is still not opened and has been built in anticipation of the future MRT that will serve Putrajaya.

Side view of the MRT Bridge. Like the other bridges, it was built before the lake was flooded, making construction much easier.

The Seri Gemilang Bridge connects the PICC to the Core Island. It is a three span arch bridge, with one main span over the lake and the other two smaller span over the walkways. Of traditional design, it looks very archaic. 

Four tall masts that shoots up above the bridge at the main span makes the bridge look more impressive. The are four smaller masts to complement these larger ones.

One of the main masts - their design follows the corner post of old forts.

The architectural adornments and embellishments put into this bridge makes it one of the more beautiful bridges in Putrajaya.

No effort has been spared in the detailing as can be seen in these brass balustrades with rose buds embossement.

A nice view of the Seri Gemilang Bridge with the adjacent office towers at Dataran Gemilang.

The Seri Saujana Bridge is a real hybrid bridge - one with an large arch that suspend the bridge deck by cables. At the same time two mast on each side, has cables to stay the bridge.

A hybrid it is, but it is still a beautiful bridge.

Approaching the main span at deck level.

Looking upwards from the deck, the structural members of the bridge looks like an intricate spider web.

"Saujana" means dusk, and aptly each of the two mast looks like a kris being plunged into the ground - signifying the end of the day.

The next bridge, the Seri Wawasan Bridge is a single mast cable stay bridge.

"Wawasan" means vision, and in contrast to the "Saujana/Evening" Bridge, the main mast of this bridge looks like a kris pointing skywards, pushing forth for the future.

Deck view of main span.

View of the Seri Wawasan Bridge with the Millennium Monument in the foreground.

The most important bridge in Putrajaya is the Putra Bridge - it connects the Putra Mosque and the Prime Minister's Office to the Core Island.
Although the most important, it has no tall mast to highlight it, in fact most people passing on top may not even realize that they are on a bridge.

Tall masts were probably avoided so as not to obstruct the view.


Set in a small cove at the south-western corner of the lake is the Maritime Center.

There's a small marina for berthing boats.

Canoes parked on the boat launcher ramp.

There are even small sail-boats & catamarans for hire. For rates check Maritime Center FaceBook Page.

Water sports events, such as the Putrajaya Dragon Boat Race, are held here.
On the opposite side of the cove there is a viewing platform & tower for watching these events.

At the cove side there is a man-made sandy beach, families could be seen picnicking here.


The Core Island viewed at night from the PICC.
At night, the lakeside also looks great, with the glittering lights of the lake's edge and rom the buildings.

Left side view of Core Island, the Seri Wawasan Bridge. can be seen on the left.

Right side view of the Core Island. Two rows of lights can be seen on the lake, are these runway lights for flying boats. No, they are the lights lining the Empangan dam.

Surrealistic purplish lights of the Putrajaya International Convention Centre.

Night view of the Seri Wawasan Bridge.

Night view of the bridge from the deck.

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