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Jogjakarta Indonesia 2013 - AS Java Leather & Craft

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Jogjakarta 2013 : AS Java Leather & Craft - May 2013
Chairs carved from volcanic rock with Javanese figurines.
Another place we visited during the third day of our Jogjakarta tour (... see Jogjakarta 2013 : Day 3 - A Day Of Palaces) was a leather shop, the AS Leather & Craft. Interesting, as the previous day we had visited another craft shop  i.e. the Borobudur Silver shop (... see blog).

This place is a showroom/shop that sells leather accessories and also handicraft.


The shop comes in three section, a main building with two floors and a smaller annex which sells only handicraft.
The main building has a wide range of leather goods and some handicraft.

Including colorful ladies' handbags.

Earth toned handbags.

Checkered design handbags.

Leather Business Bags.

Leather Jackets & Vests.

Mens' Shoes, Sandals & Ladies' Sandals.

I was more interested in the artwork, so I left my fellow tourists to do their leather shopping, and loitered around admiring the art.


Even before one enters the main building, one can feel that this place has good artwork; for at the entrance porch itself are displayed volcanic carvings. Such as this one of an old Javanese village couple, meticulously crafted so that their sarong patterns and their facial features are well detailed.

Garden Chairs - carved from volcanic rock.

Javanese Hindu Deities - carved from volcanic rock.

Garden Table with floral pattern carved from dark wood.

Green Stonework Garden Table With Floral Pattern.

Grumpy Javanese Silat Fighter Bust - wood carving.

Metal Ornamental Wall Lamp with floral pattern.

Large Elephant Heads Urn Fountain

Neighing Horse - wood carving.

Batik Mini Kimono Bottle Jacket

Heart Pattern Mini Vase - wood carving.

Painted Wayang Kulit Figurines Mini Vase - wood carving.

Blue Padi Farmer Hat - with Bunga Raya floral design.

Timber Wall Panel Carving of Javanese Village Scene.

Painted Carved Wooden Owl & Swan Doorstops.

Painted Batik Duck Wood Carving.

Colorful Jar with painted lady's profile.

Painted Wooden Statues of Couples in Traditional Costumes.

Front view of the statues.

Double Dragon Head Painted Document Tray.

Blue-Green Ozone Glass Sails

Double Garudas

Green Petals Design Earthenware Pot


Red Kampong Village on Red River.

Black & White, Orange & Black Tribal Masks

Stylized Javanese Warboat

Red Flower with Technicolor Background

Hindu Warriors On A Chariot

Birds In The Forest

Wayang Kulit (Shadow Puppets) Family

JI, Nyi Pembayun 17
Kotagede, Jogjakarta
55172 Indonesia

Tel. : +62 274 6602868
Fax. : +62 274 371298
Mobile : +62 811 269 518
E-mail :
Web site :

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