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YummY! - Roti Canai Pak Sarip @ Kundang

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Roti Canai Pak Sarip @ Kundang
Kundang, Selangor, Malaysia - January 2017
One wouldn't have thought that the simple Roti Canai (or some call it Roti Prata) would be such a draw that one restaurant specialised in and is pulling in patrons by the hordes. This place is called Warong Roti Canai Pak Sarip or Warung Roti Canai Pak Shariff. They are located at Kampung Melayu Seri Kundang near Kundang town.

To cater for the large volume, they have four counter/hot plates for preparing the roti canai. And it was good to see that the cooks were not the usual Indians, but Malay ladies from the surrounding kampong.

Do not under-estimate the skills of the ladies, they are very deft in swinging the dough to very thin layers and fold them well to ...

..... so that on frying on the hot plate, the roti has multi-layers that are well separated, thin, crispy and easy to eat.

This is their plain roti canai, see how well layered it is and how evenly fried too. The skin is crispy and the inner thin layers easy to bite into, unlike those from other eateries that have think layers which are hard to bit into, almost similar to eating a croissant with its multi-layers.

We also went for the Roti Telur Bawang (roti with egg and slices of onions). The egg and onion were spread out onto the first layer when cooking.

I like the way they serve this folded to look like a Roti John. An end view show how well and evenly prepared this is, with crispy skin all round.

The cut opened slices shows the multi layers with the eggs and onions well spread out. !YummY!

Pak Sarip is also renown for the Chicken Rice, this one is served with roasted chicken.

At a long counter, they also sell pre-cooked and packed food; these can be eaten in or take-away. The above is "Nasi Berlauk Ikan Tongkol" (Rice with Tuna fish curry).

This one is Nasi Minyak Ayam Kari, i.e. Ghee-flavoured rice with Chicken Curry. Sometime butter/margarine is used as an alternative, I did not try these so am not sure how they make it.

Nasi Dagang with fish.
Nasi Dagang is Malaysian and Southern Thai dish consisting of rice steamed in coconut milk, fish curry and extra ingredients such as fried shaved coconuthard-boiled eggs and vegetable picklesNasi Dagang literally means "Trading Rice". It is a well-known breakfast food in the states on the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

With the man himself, Pak Sarip who is soft-spoken humble and very friendly.

Pak Sarip food menu.

Pak Sarip drinks menu.

Lorong A2, Kampung Melayu Sri Kundang, 48050 Sungai Buloh, Selangor, Malaysia.
Mobile: +6019-2066090 / +6010-8785656 / +6017-3444430 / +6017-6912877
Hours: 6:00 am to 12:00pm (Opens everyday) 
GPS: 3.25302, 101.52675
(Click here for Google Street View)

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