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YummY! - Good French Food @ La Terrasse Vientiane

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Good French Food @ La Terrasse Vientiane
Ban Mixay, Vientiane, Laos - December 2016
We were on a cycling tour of Isan Thailand & Laos, had arrived in and were looking for good food in Vientiane. Laos was a former French colony, so we decided on French. A friend of one of our cycling buddies recommended La Terrasse and it was a good recommendation.

La Terrasse is aptly named as up at the front is a small terrace, a favourite for patrons in the evenings or during the colder end of year months.

Okay, let's have a look a the good food!
After having had tired very good Confit de Carnard (Duck Confit) at the Mont Martre district of Paris (... see blog); I went for the "Cuisse de Canard au Riesling (yes, they have the French names on their menu), hoping that it will be a delicious. This Leg of Duck in Riesling sauce was almost as good.

The duck leg here was cooked with some Riesling sauce, it was just a touch of the wine but was just adequate to give it a underlying heady flavour and some slight flowery aroma.
The duck had been cooked well, skin soft with the tender meat easily soaking up the Riesling Sauce.

Chew went for the "Rôtie de souris d'agneau" (Roasted Lamb Shank). It was a huge piece, but here they had cut vertical slits into the meat letting the roasting penetrate into these slits.

Here's a closer look at the roast, with much of the meat roasted till well-done. Personally, I prefer lamb shank without these slits as then the juiciness of the meat is maintained.

Now for the dish that I recommend patrons not to miss - the "Boeuf Bourguignon" (Beef Braised in Red Burgundy Wine). This braised beef is served with a fusion of vegetables; Calivin's came with carrots, potatoes and long beans.

While Hooi's had ladyfingers too.

Whatever relish combo it came with, the beef was excellent coming with a good helping of brown sauce with a good underlying flavour of Riesling. The sauce is that good that most will finish it, either soak it up with the tender beef or the slices of baguette.

As the above photo shows, the braised beef was really super tender, and made all the more so with cuts that are perpendicular to the grain.

Okay, above is a crazy experiment of mine that did not go that right. I was trying to have baguette ala banjir, tyring something similar to what many Malaysians called roti banjir, i.e. roti canai soaked in a plateful of curry. It was good but I was rather over enthusiastic with the bread.

Overall, the French fare served here were very good, so good that I later went there on another day (.... see blog).

Below are the menus of La Terrasse, pricing is correct at time of my visit:
La Terrasse Soup Menu.

La Terrasse Quiche & Salad Menu.

La Terrasse Chef's Recommendation's Main Menu.

They also have the Special of the Day. i.e. "Menu du jour", the day's promotion is posted on a prominent blackboard.

Norkeokoumane Road, Ban Mixai, Chanthabouri District, 74940 Vientiane, Laos.
PBox 568
Hours: 11:00am to 2:00pm  |  6:00pm to 10:00pm (Closed on Sundays)
GPS: 17.96472, 102.60545
(Click here for Google Street View)


While there and if one fancy some good French pastry in Vientiane, pop over to Le Banneton, it's just across the road and is operated by the same owner.

They have a good range of coffee, and I went for the Cappucino ...

... that came with a good sprinkling of chocolate, or as the French will put it "Avec chocolat!".

Le Banneton's bakery serves one of the best croissants that I have ever tried, with skin that are crispy yet not flaky.

And do try their colourful Macaroons (Macaron) while there.

Le Banneton drinks menu on a board.

095 10 Norkeokoumane Road, BP 568 Ban Mixai, Chanthabouri District, 74940 Vientiane, Laos.
Phone: +856-21217321
Hours: Mon: 07:00 - 18:30
Tue: 06:30 - 18:00
Wed - Fri: 07:00 - 18:30
Sat - Sun: 06:30 - 21:00
GPS: 17.96457, 102.60562
(Click here for Google Street View)

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