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YummY! - Fruity Ice Floss @ Pulau Ketam

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Fruity Ice Floss @ Pulau Ketam
Pulau Ketam, Selangor, Malaysia - January 2016
Pulau Ketam is a favourite destination for local tourists for quick weekend trip. This fishing village on an island off the coast of Selangor has a unique colourful local life. Shops have sprouted up to cater for the tourists; many are seafood restaurants, others are small coffee shops. One new shop sells an unique fruity ice floss, this will definitely be favourite good food in Pulau Ketam especially on a hot day. It was definitely a welcomed cooling dessert for us while we were on a bike-packing adventure to the island.

Some may be wondering what is fruity ice floss? It's a popular dessert in Japan and Taiwan. Blocks of frozen fruit-flavoured ice cream is shaved very finely (the important word here is finely) to give a floss like consistency, something that looks good and is smooth. Put it another way, it's shaven ice cream in lieu of scoops! The ice cream has a consistency between creamy ice cream and sorbet, not too soft so that it can be shaven and yet having cream to give it a slurpy flavour.

I went for the durian flavoured. It came with the ice shaved in strips pile on each other making them look like crepe cakes or strippy mantous. The whole concoction was topped with evaporated milk.

Even without any topping this looked good. Don't mistake it for vanilla flavoured though, the durian taste and aroma came out strongly. It was good!

Some of the flavours, like this mango one, comes very colourfully presented with topping of fruit juice filled globules and fruity flavoured agar-jelly. Bite into one of the globules and orange juice comes spurting out.
This mango one seems to be a favourite among patrons.

The milk flavoured one came with a contrasting dark-brown agar-jelly and pink guava flavoured jelly.

The layering of the floss just makes it look all the better, all the more delicious.

The Green Tea flavour was another favourite. It came with boiled red beans.

The slightly sweet and powderish red beans off-setted the light bitter under-taste of the green tea. A good combo, this one.

The Fruity Ice Floss, definitely a quencher to cool down on a hot day!

The ingredients and flavouring were imported from Taiwan. Above is the red beans.

This is the agar-jelly for the topping. Initially we though it was sarsaparilla flavoured, but it is actually brown sugar agar jelly.

The menu showing the different flavours, from left and clockwise from top-left  to the centre, the flavours are:
1. Peach 2. Milk 3. Black Sesame 4. Green Tea 5. Peanut 6. Strawberry 7. Durian 8. Orange 9. Mango 10. Calamansi 11. Lemon 12. Chocolate and 13. Lychee.

Another section of the menu shows the pricing which is RM5.90 or RM6.90 depending on flavour.

The stall is located in front of Chop Hiap Thye, Main Street, Pulau Ketam, Selangor, Malaysia.
Seating is el-fresco.
GPS: 3.021002, 101.252977

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