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Art Gallery - Albertina Museum Vienna: The Staterooms - Staterooms #8-9

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Albertina Museum Vienna: The Staterooms - Staterooms #8-9
September 2015
Stateroom #8
The Albertina Staterooms has one of the most interesting and varied collection of European art work. They consist of twenty palace state rooms spread over two floors of the original Albertina Palace and were restored in year 2000. The rooms were originally decorated French style the line of Louis XVI décor by Duke Albert of Saxe-Teschen. In 1822, Archduke Carl had them redecorated along Habsburg style, and what we see today is as closely restored to the way they would have looked back then.
The rooms contain many pieces of  paintings, statues, pottery, furniture collected over a period of time. I only had time to visit the rooms on the ground floor, still I marvelled at the display of fine paintings, statues, pottery, etc. displayed.

There are hundreds of pieces of artwork and furniture within the rooms I visited. To ease viewing, I have separated them into several blogs separated into different rooms, this one are those from Staterooms #8 and #9.
Click on the respective photos below for enlarged view:

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Oedipus And Antigone Leaving Thebes - pen & brush, brown & grey in by Josef Anton Koch (1797)

The Shepherd's Dream - chalk & brush in grey & brown by Johann Heinrich Fussli (Henry Fuseli) (1786)

White vase atop white lacquered furniture.

Devil's Bridge On The St. Gotthard - pen & black ink, brush & brown ink by Peter Birmann (c.1800)

Hohenstein Castle In The Saxon Switzerland - pen & brush, black, grey & brown ink by Adrian Zingg (c.1790)

Big Garden In Dresden - watercolour, body colour & pencil by Christian Gottlob Hammer (1813)

Landscape Near Fluelen On The Lake Of Lucerne - body colour by Johann Jakob Strudt (c.1800)

Stateroom #9

White vase atop white lacquered furniture.

Counter-top with mirror.

Uncaptioned - Bust

View Of Dresden - watercolour by Christian Gottlob Hammer (1809)

View Of Briesnitz On The River Elbe - pen & black ink, watercolour by Adrian Zingg (c.1800)

View Of Tharandt - brush & black ink, watercolour by Christian Gottlob Hammer (1810)

The Japanese Palace In Dresden - pen & black ink, watercolour by Johann Gottlob Henschke (1796)

Archduke Albert, Colonel With The Order Of The Golden Fleece - oil on canvas by Johann Nepomuk Ender (1829)

Wörlitz Castle - watercolour by Carl Kuntz (1797)

Vineyards On The River Elbe Near Dresden - pen & black ink, watercolour by Adrian Zingg (1793)

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Albertinaplatz 1, 1010 Vienna, Austria.
Tel: +43-1-534830
Website:     | Facebook:
Hours: Mon-Tue: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Wed: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
Thu-Sun: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

GPS: 48.204695, 16.368174
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€ 11.00
Vienna Card (Wien Karte) holders
€ 9.10
Senior citizens (aged 60 and over)
€ 9.00
Students with ID (up to age 26)
€ 8.00
Unemployed persons with AMS card€ 7.00
Ö1 Club members with ID
€ 9.90
Groups of 15 or more persons
€ 8.00 each
Children and young people (younger than 19), Friends of the Albertina,
ICOM members

no charge
Visitors with special needs€ 7.00
Visitors with the so-called Kulturpass
no charge
Guided tour fee€ 4.00


Adults€ 4.00
Reduced, Groups of 3 or more persons € 3.00
Friends of the Albertina€ 2.50
(Note:  Entry charges are at time of this blog, all charges subject to a 10% tax)

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