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YummY! - Simply Good Food @ Kuala Kubu Bharu Teo Kee

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Simply Good Food @ Kuala Kubu Bharu Teo Kee
Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor, Malaysia - November 2015
Down from some camping up at the Sungai Chiling Fish Sanctuary, we had a superb lunch at a simple place in a Hawker Strip in Kuala Kubu Bharu. It's great that we can find good food, good home-style food from a small stall such as this place called Teo Kee. And the best is..... the pricing is very, very reasonable (Pssst.... please don't tell them!)

We started of with this Stewed Pork With Mui Chow. It's a simple dish but which need some good cooking to get the pork at just the right tenderness. The Mui Choy was done well to, easy to bite into and not too salty.

This dish is so tasty that one just need this and no other dish to go with white rice, and Presto! It's a balanced meal of meat and veggies. It's been one of my favourites since I was a kid!

The Steamed Mince Pork With Salted Fish came with slices of tofu and was colourfully garnished with strips of green spring onions and red chilli.

This is another dish that brings back childhood eating memories; gosh, I AM missing my mom's cooking. The secret to this dish is not to have the pork overly mince until gooey; it should be slightly rough to still provide a good bite. Of course, the salted fish used must be of the best quality to give it that good salty aroma. The tofu here is nice too, slightly firmer and with a hint of bitter underlying taste.

When the above dish came, I eyed it suspiciously.... it looked like a heap of brownish stuff!
But this Tofu Fish turned out to be the best dish of our meal.

Thin slices of fish and white tofu were stir-fried together in a dark soy sauce. The fish used is usually Ikan Kurau (Threadfin) although sometimes other fishes are use, but here they definitely do not use Dory. Though it may not look appetizing, it was in fact very delicious. I would recommend not missing this wonderful dish; I am adding it to my A++ list!

When we ordered the Bitter-gourd With Salted Duck Eggs, I had thought that it would be a fairly dry stir-fried dish. When this lump of wettish bitter-gourd came with slithers of egg clinging on; I said to myself "oh-oh" perhaps they sent the wrong dish to us.
No, it was the right one; this is the way they did it, and although not a appealing in looks to the drier version, it was fairly good.

The Deep-fried Ikan Kurau was another simple but delicious dish. Deep-fried in very hot oil, the fairly thick slab had a heavenly crispy outer layer while the inside was tender and juicy. A simple soy-sauce/lard sauce complemented the fishy taste very well.

To go with our food a couple of bottles of herbal tea. If you see bottle like this "Kickapoo" or even "Coc-cola" don't think it's a carbonated drink, it good home-brewed herbal tea.

Pricing was very reasonable, for the six dishes (the four above plus the Ikan Kurau and a stir-fried Kai Lan) served in generous proportions enough for the ten of us, two bottles of herbal tea and a pot of hot Chinese tea, the bill came to just slightly above RM100/=.

I popped into the kitchen to compliment them for the good food, the chief chef was an old man with white hair. He probably must have decades of experience, no wonder his food is good.

No. 8, Kedai MDHS, Jalan Merdeka, 44000 Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: +6013-3253677 (Mr. Tan) / +6017-2334093

Hours: 9:30am to 3:00pm (Closed on Teusdays)

GPS: 3.562671, 101.658603
(Click here for Google Street View)

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