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YummY! - Best Seafood Tomyam @ Rainbow Herbs Kudat

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Kudat, Sabah, Malaysia  - November 2015
On a cycling expedition in Sabah, while waiting to board the ferry to Pulau Banggi, we were  pleasantly surprised to find very good Tomyam at the hawker centre near the Kudat ferry terminal. No, it was not very good, in fact it was one of the best that tomyams that I have ever tried and to think we found this good food in Kudat of all places. Kudat is a small town in north-east Sabah, and we were surprised to find Thai food here.

We sort of accidentally found this place while looking for some eats before leaving on the ferry. The name of the place is Rainbow Herbs, I am not too sure how much herbs and what sort of herbs they used in their cooking; whatever secret ingredients they used, it made their food good. For a place located at a small stall in a strip hawker centre it must be a favourite among locals and tourists as the shop seems to be perpetually full.

Most of us went for the Tomyam, they are really delicious. Some took it with yellow noodles...

I would recommend taking it with mee hoon (vermicelli). The mee hoon they serve here were slight thicker than normal and have a springy bite too.
But all said, it is their tomyam soup that makes the dish. The generous portion of prawns and fish had imparted their flavour to the soup which had a slightly sweet base and a good hint of lime sourness. It's creamy too, at first I had thought that santan was one of the ingredients of the soup that made it slightly creamy. Actually they add some evaporated milk that gives it that final oomph that makes this tomyam excel over others.

Other than the tomyam, Rainbow Herbs serves very good Fish Head Mee Hoon. The ones here comes with a dash of cut chilli making them slightly spicy... Oo la la...

 They are generous with the fish... many large chunks are included and the fishy tasting oil adds to the soup flavour.

A testament of how good the soup was, drank to the last drop.

Some other dishes: Kong Fu Yee Mee and Bee Hoon.

For appetisers, this Sotong Tumbuk (pounded barbecued/grilled cuttlefish).

Rainbow Herbs extensive menu. Their pricing is very reasonable considering the generous portions of seafood that's included.

Jalan Pasar, Kudat, Sabah, Malaysia.
Hours: Mon - Sat: 07:00 - 13:30     |     Sun: 07:00 - 12:00
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GPS: 6.88002, 116.84627
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You are at - Jotaro's Blog / FootSteps / YummY! / Cambodian & Thai Food-Chinese Food / Noodles / Seafood Tomyam @ Rainbow Herbs Kudat
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