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YummY! - Tuna Kataifi Bubbly Breakfast @ Plates / Inch

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George Town, Penang, Malaysia - August 2015
After the CFAL 7 round Penang island cycling event; me and some buddies celebrated with champagne. Yes, champagne like those F1 drivers! But we were not high-flying race car drivers, just happy cyclists. Why be extravagant?

No, we were not splurging. See, Plates at Lebuh Muntri was having this good Bubbly Breakfast promo every weekend of breakfast with a free flow of bubbly for only RM80 ringgit per head!
And they have a very long, long breakfast that last from 9:00am/10:00am to 3:00pm, which is very convenient for sleepy-heads like me, or for tourists to retire to a cozy, colonial atmosphere for some good food.

Their breakfast menu has a good range and fairly wide spread of English and continental fare, all yummiliciously done:
The Lyonnaise Salad.
A good mix of greens with poached eggs, beef bacon garnished with croutons and cherry tomatoes and topped up with a honey mustard dressing.

The salad were crunchily fresh with the creamy eggs swirling very well with the honey mustard sauce. This is one of the better salads I have tried.

The Plates Breakkie.
Toasts served with poached eggs, chicken sausages, hash browns, cherry tomatoes and kidney beans. Not many places serve poach eggs as they have to be done with a lot of tender-loving attention.

The ones here at Plates was superbly done; soft egg whites which were not runny and  creamy yolks sitting pretty at the centre.

The Prawns Pasta.
Done the Aglio Olio style and crowned with six prawns with cut green chilli topping. A bit of fusion of this Neapolitan spaghetti with cuts of chilli padi to spice up the dish.

The prawns here are huge.... and fresh! A nice dish but I would have love it with more olive oil and garlic to give this dish more smoothness with the punch of the garlic bite.

In between, to shouts of "Cheers!" and "Salute" we were toasting ourselves for the fine time of a good meal. The service was good and the waiters ensured that we had our free flow of champagne.

The Chicken Spinach Pasta.
 A fusion of ribbons of fettuccine in cream sauce with small cuts of chicken, bits of chopped spinach, garnished with lots onion slices, and topped with a cherry tomato cut into quarters.
I love this dish, just enough creaminess with a hint of bitterness offered by the spinach. Best of all were those pungent onions; what can I say, "I am a true blue Malaysian who loves onions!"

Another great fusion fare - Red Tuna coated with Greek kataifi pastry and Basil leaves done kimchi style.

Some of the tuna had been cut to heart shapes, with the kataifi coating them. Done with a quick deep-frying, the tuna still maintains their juicy freshness.

This was definitely a good choice to go with the champagne.

To top off the meal - some crumbly Oreo Cheese Cake that looks mighty good with the blueberry sauce overflowing down and a sprig of mint leave sticking out like a Roman standard.

And some white wine to close off the meal.

Plates is located in the old quarters of George Town, within the inner core of the UNESCO Heritage Zone. It's housed in one of those restored pre-war houses hailing from colonial days. The entrance has been repainted a striking light pastel blue but the original colourful entrance corridor tiles have been kept.
These colonial houses are super long, more than a hundred feet long, so the place has ample space to be divided into different sections to suit different atmosphere.

Right upon entry is a small casual section with low chairs for drinking and light meals. This area is slightly dim and sits next to a long bar counter with high-chair seating.

Beyond the bar are bright sections for dining, the light being let in by a covered air-well.

At the rear (before the kitchen), the timber first floor have been removed to create a double volume space with raised flooring. A mix of old timber and modern chairs gives this section a surrealistic look.

Or one can opt to seat at a couple of tables on the five-foot way....

... and watch live casually pass by in a street that has retained it's old world charm.

From 5:00pm onwards, Plates metamorphoses into Inch (short for Indochina), a pub that serves pasta and drinks with beers of interesting names, and cocktails with even more interesting names like Sex On The Beach!

Plates Bubbly Breakfast menu:

44 Lebuh Muntri, George Town, Penang, Malaysia.
Phone: +0604-2611693     /     +6013-2186253

PLATE Hours : Mondays to Saturdays- 10am to 3pm; Sundays- 9am to 3pm (Closed on Teusdays)
INCH Hours : Mondays to Fridays- 5pm to Midnight; Fridays & Saturdays5pm to 2am; Sundays- 5pm to 10pm (Closed on Teusdays)

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