Tuesday, August 4, 2015

YummY! - Roti Doll @ Alor Setar

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Roti Doll @ Alor Setar (Halal)
Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia  - August 2015
While on the way for a meeting we had this simple breakfast at Restoran Mee Sham in Alor Setar. It was as simple meal called Roti Doll that is unique to Alor Setar, unique in the sense that it can only be found there.
Roti Doll is basically a sunny-side egg on top of shredded roti canai. The combo sits on a sea of gravy made up of dhal with sweet sambal. Even at first look the dish looks delicious with the bright yellow egg yolk staring up.

The shredded roti was well and evenly layered, i.e. there were no unexpected thick parts that was hard to chew into. It's one of the best roti canai that I have had and it went well with the dhal gravy which was just adequately thick. The sambal which was hot and slightly sweet added that oomph to the dish.
Now, how do I handle that beautiful looking egg? I ate it first as one would eat a sunny-side egg, but first I scooped some gravy-sambal mix on top.

It was a surprising find at a wayward shop at a road on the outskirts of the city, a simple but good food that one should not miss while in Alor Setar.

Other than the Roti Doll, this place also served other food such as Nasi Kandar, fried mee, etc.

There's even an interesting combo fusion food - Cappuccino made with goat's milk.
Restoran Mee Sham is well patronised and frequently packed with people, no worries though they have ample seating, and also ample car-parks at the front and at the back.

Jalan K2 (Jalan Gunung Keriang), Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia.
GPS:  6.17687, 100.35524
(Click here for Google Street veiw)

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