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YummY! - Dim Sum @ Lee King Coffee-shop

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Tanjung Piandang, Perak, Malaysia - September 2014
On a cycling trip that would take us visiting some fishing villages in Northern Perak, we stopped by at this dim sum place at Tanjung Piandang. It has a unique name of Lee King Coffee Shop; a name that most of us will remember as on that cold morning after cycling in the rain, many of us had to take a leak at their restrooms.
This aside, their dim sum is very good food especially seeing that this is a small village/town. The ones with fish paste were excellent with a real good content of fish; after all Tanjung Piandang is a fishing village.

Start off with the regular dumplings like "Siew Mai", "Har Kow", Crab Fingers, etc. They have a wide range here, some in green pastry too. I especially like the deep fried "Foo Chok" filled with a thin layer of fish paste; crispy outside and fishy inside!

Let's come to some of their specialty :-
The dim sum places in northern states are well known for their "Chai Kueh". These a steamed half-round shaped dumpling filled with vegetables, either turnip, yam or chives.
I will let you in on a secret; other than a good vegetable in-fill, the pastry skin must be good too. It has to be soft and bitey and yet retain a certain solidness without being runny.
The above one is Koo-chai Kueh, one that is filled with short strips of chives. The chives were nicely done - just adequately cooked to lose the "green' vegetable taste and still having a crunchy bite.

This un-appetizing looking gooey mess is actually a traditional Teo Chew delicacy called Orr Nee. It's a steamed pastry made from yam (taro); tasting sweet with a tinge of saltiness and a lot of yaminess.

This hamburger looking things are..... er..... not mini-hamburgers.
These are minced pork patties sandwiched in between two small halves of mantou and are then given a quick deep frying. This quick deep frying have given the crust of the mantou a thin layer of crispiness but had maintained the fluffiness inside. Same goes for the pork patty - a thin crust with tasty, juicy meat inside.

Dip this into their special chilli sauce and .... Walla! and YummY!

This one looks like the regular sotong (squid) balls encrusted with bread crumbs...
But no, these are crab balls covered with cubed bread crumbs and then deep fried. The balls are made from crab paste.
Another dish of crunchiness on the outside and soft, biteyness on the inside.

 Deep fried Sole Fish in pastes sauce.
Ok... this dish in not dim sum and it's not on their menu.
Some locals had brought their own fish for the restaurant to cook this. I espied them eating this and wanted to order but was told that it's not in their menu. The locals scooped some on a plate and passed it over for us to try. Real friendly, these locals are.
The chef had done this well deep frying the fish until the crispy flesh could absorb the salty-sweet sauce.

The food was very good; we gleaned all plates emptily clean.
The food was cheap too; we ate so much and ended up paying RM7-50 per head and that's including the Chinese tea!

Jalan Piandang 1, Tanjung Piandang, Perak, Malaysia.
(next to Public Bank, Tanjung Piandang)
GPS: 5.07107,100.385347

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