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YummY! - Curry Mee Noodles @ Kuala Sepetang

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Kuala Sepetang, Perak, Malaysia - September 2014
We were on a cycling mini-adventure visiting the fishing villages of northern Perak and had put up the night at Happy 8 Retreat at Kuala Sepetang. A friend Khee, a local to the area.  visited and took some of us on a quick spin around the village, stopping at this well known curry mee stall. Eventhough I will be having dinner soon, I could not help but try it out.

The stall is located at some lean-to sheds in between a couple of rows of shop-houses,

... and next to the renown old "Port Weld" railway station sign.

Other than the noodles, the ingredients of the noodles include slices of fish cake, strips of chicken breast meat, pre-cooked prawns, bean sprouts, spring onions...

... tau pok, cockles, cubes of coagulated pig's blood, and of course a wonderfully delicious looking curry.

A close look at a must have - cockles. These have be pre-boiled in curry, giving them an extra spicy zing.

My favourite - cubes of coagulated pig's blood.

This curry mee is along the style of Penang curry mee.
The curry soup is thin with creamy coconut milk, the tau pok of the smaller square variety and then there is the pig's blood which one seldom find in curry noodles else where.
Taste-wise, it's good, not overly creamy; and if you feel you want things more spicy, just add more of the pre-cooked chilli that's provided.
A must-have good food if you are down in Kuala Sepetang.
GPS: 4.838135,100.629739

While you are in Kuala Sepetang...
... don't miss the view of colourful fishing boats from the mid-span of the new bridge over the Sungai Reba river ...

or ... go for a night cruise to watch fireflies.

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