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YummY! - Thai Temptations @ Barn Thai Plaza 33

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Plaza 33, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia - August 2014
We used to frequent Barn Thai down in Kuala Lumpur years ago; then it served some good food and was the place to hang out with friends for drinks while taking in the good jazz music. Every once in a while there would be good jazz musicians to provide live band music too.
When that joint closed, a sort of vacuum set in; a vacuum for good Thai food coupled with good music. So when Barn Thai Restaurant & Bar opened at Plaza 33, Petaling Jaya a few months ago; the Thai-Food/Music crowd were excited - "Happy Days Are Here Again!" For the first few months they served Thai Tapas to go with the music and the drinks.
Of late, they have opened up a large dining section at the rear section of the restaurant. The food served, I must say is real good and tempting.

Right from the start, Barn Thai promises all things Thai; a teak Thai-style roof entrance arch welcomes patrons. Inside a large horse statue made from strips of Burmese Teak stands proudly.

Beyond the entrance, a large bar area caters for the happy crowd, who were drinking and listening to some good old music from the seventies and eighties. The place is dim but not overly dark; Yes, one can still see one's fingers clearly.
A large Thai roof canopy hangs over the bar counter; the décor and furniture are mostly wood. The brown earth tones gives a cosy and comfortable atmosphere, and yet the place exudes a certain classy air. This is a joint that will certainly cater to the business crowd too.

A smiling and gay waiter cheerfully led us down a corridor past two layers of auto-sliding doors. With the underside of a tiled roof above, we felt like we were being led to a chalet.
The attentive staff had certainly made us feel at home; that's Thai culture for you.

Nope, it was not a chalet that we were led to, but a large split level dining area with a similar timber tone setting. Even with a busy bar on the other side, the dining room was surprisingly quiet. The two layers of sliding doors, acting like a sound lock, had done their job well.
We opted to sit on the upper deck.

After making our orders; I looked around. On the walls were hung Thai knick-knacks and decorations. On one wall were a photo montage of sceneries from Thailand.
You must be wondering why I am spending so much time describing the setting. I must say that I was very taken in by the overall environment of the place, the balance of warm timber with the decorations has built up my eagerness to savour the food.
Hah! The setting itself is an appetizer.

Well, here comes the food!
Crab Cake.
Shredded crab meat is mixed together with vegetables and some spices to create a tasty paste. Deep frying in crab shells gave this dish an extra aroma. Overall, this was a flavourful starter.

At first I though that this was some kind of doughnut, and thought to myself "Hey! Isn't it to soon for desserts?"
No, these are not doughnuts but Thai Fish Cake. Instead of being made into round patties, Barn Thai have made them this way; which is good too, as that little hole there gave a more all round cooking and also provided slightly more of the semi-crispy skin.

That little hole had done a good job to ensure a quick all round cooking; the inside of the fish cake was still juicy making it succulent to bite into.

The Deep-Fried Vegetable Spring Rolls came in a small fryer basket. Barn Thai has not only taken the effort to make the food delicious, they have taken that extra step to make the presentation of their food special; each dish is presented so well that one gets drooling to start. But wait a moment, let the eyes have a feast first, build up the appetite more.

The Eggplant Basil Chicken had minced chicken stir-fried together with the eggplant and basil leaves, and topped up with three large prawns. This was not overly fried and the eggplant was not soggy and maintained its shape. A tasty dish, it went well with white rice.

Grilled Chicken Salad - Slices of boneless chicken is stir-fired with dried chilli, onions, etc. and served with sticks of salad ala Thai style.

The beef in the Beef Green Curry was in manageable thin slices, making them tender and juicy. Vegetables in this curry balanced off this dish. A creamy curry, it also went well with the white rice.

Clear Seafood Tomyum.
Prepared the Northern Thai style, don't let the "clearness" of this soup belie its spicy hotness. With slices of fish, cutlets of squid and mussels it had a very good seafood flavour.

Fried Fish Tomyum.
Frying the fish first before cooking it in Tomyum is a great idea, the fishy oil had seeped into the curry giving it that extra fishy oomph!

This Grilled River Prawns is the dish I enjoyed the most. Nicely grilled with some burnt parts, the prawn meat when dipped into the Thai Chilli sauce was perfectly superb!
I slowly took small pieces of this and savoured them.

A couple of desserts rounded off our meal. The Tab Tim Grob had nice chewy tapioca jelly with water chestnut inserts. Slice of mango were added to the creamy santan. I would have preferred Jackfruit in this dessert as the Jackfruit does bring out the creamy flavour of the santan better.

Mango Pudding - Slices of mango were served with a helpful amount of Pulut Rice and topped off with a sprinkling of fresh santan. The slight sourness of the mangoes balanced off the sweetness of the pudding.

What better way is there to end the night than to adjourn to the bar section to enjoy good drinks...

... and listen to wonderful retro-music spun by Deejays Mei & Kev.
I sipped my drink and just let the moment sink in.

PG-01B, Ground Floor, Plaza 33, 1 Jalan Kemajuan, Section 13, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: +603-7932 2233     Fax: +603-7932 3338
Hours: Lunch - 11:45 am to 2:30 pm     Dinner - 5:30 pm to 10:30 pm     Bar - 4:00 pm to 1:00 am
Closed on Sundays

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