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YummY! - Nasi Melayu @ Tasik Biru Kundang

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Restoran Amra, Tasik Biru, Kundang, Selangor, Malaysia  - August 2014
Photo by Ric Kee Photography
I like Nasi Melayu (Malay Rice), not those overly emphasized ones, but those simple ones from rustic road-side places. It could be at just a small hut or at a slightly more elaborate place like this one at Restoran Amra sitting next to the Tasik Biru in Kundang, Selangor.

The place has been nicely done up, a single storey building with an open-walled large wooden shed dining area, it even has seating right next to the lake surrounded by ample greenery. This is a great setting for dining, especially during the day time when...

... it affords a panoramic view of Tasik Biru.

During sunny days the waters of the lake reflects the bright sky and shimmer with a blue tinge with the calm waters surrealistically reflecting blocks of tall apartments at the lakeside.

Nice green setting with great lake-view; so how is the food?
The curries were very good, spicy but not overly hot, it taste good and tempt one to go for more!
Below are some of the dishes:
Crispy Fried Chicken - simply seasoned with soy sauce, a tinge of sugar and pepper. I could taste a slight underlying flavour of tumeric, is it there?. This is not dipped in batter, so one gets the fresh taste of the chicken unimpeded.

The chicken being fried in a large super-sized kwali (wok).

At another super-sized kwali a vegetable curry consisting of eggplant, chillie, etc. is being cooked. A sprig of pandan leaves had been added in for that additional aroma.

For those who want a light breakfast meal, there is:
Fried Mee (Chinese Yellow Noodles), stir-fried with dark and light soy sauce, and with a dash of chilli added to spice it up. The Mee have been fried the dryish style making the sauce stick to them well.

Fried Instant Noodle; done the same way as the Mee above but using pre-boiled instant noodles which ends up softer in texture. This is a favourite among the younger generation.

Fried Bee Hoon (vermicelli), stir-fried "white" style, without any soy sauce.

Fried Rice. This is nicely done, not sticky, with individual grains of the rice well covered by the sauce.

And now for the main curries, the one that goes with the nasi lemak. Their nasi lemak has only a tinged of santan so that it does not taste too creamy and thus does not interfere with the wonderful flavours of the following curries:
A nice Beef Rendang looking reddish spicy hot. With large onion rings cooked together this is one kicker of a dish.

Vegetable Curry.

And my favourite, the Chicken Curry; with large chunks of chicken in a moderately thick and creamy santan curry. YummY!

Fired Spicy Beef Slices.

Or just try the boiled cockles for starters, this one goes well with chilli sauce or sambal.

And to balance the meal of, some vegetables -
Stir-fried bean sprouts with tofu garnished with green spring onion strips and red cut chilli.

Stir-fried mixed vegetables of cabbage, cauliflower, Dutch beans, carrots.

If you do pass by Tasik Biru, do give this place a try; it's has simple, nice food in a green setting with a wonderful lake viesw
335A, Jalan Setian, Tasik Biru, Kundang, Selangor, Malaysia
GPS: 3.251941,101.527163

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