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YummY! - Pegaga Juice In Malaysia

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Malaysia - July, 2014
A glass of Pegaga Juice (Photo from Wikipedia).
I had always like drinking the Pegaga Juice since I was young.
Ok.... a confession - I did not like it initially as it has a acrid green taste which lingers in the mouth, but after a while it's refreshing flavour got to me.

The Pegaga Plant - Centella Asiatica (Photo from Wikipedia).
The Pegaga juice is the blended juice from the Centella Asiatica plant. It is aquatic plant that grows naturally at the sides of streams or ditches. Being aquatic, availability during dry seasons could be reduced.
In Malay it is called Pegaga; in Cantonese it's called Pang Tai Woon, in Hokkien Chae Chau.

Benifits Of Pegaga Juice (Photo from A Simple Working Mom blog).
Surfing the net for the benefits of Pegaga, I found this blog post from A Simple Working Mom. Wow! It does have a lot of benifits for a simple ditch plant.

Medical Benifits Of Pegaga Juice (Photo from A Simple Working Mom blog).
There are also a host of medicinal benefits. A Simple Working Mom also touched on this.
Looks like the plant can also be used as a medicinal herbal patch to quicken the healing of wounds.

Other Links on the benefits of Pegaga (also known as the Pennywort):
- Pegaga by My Little Vegetable Garden.
Daun Pegaga, A Miracle Herb by Happy Homemaker88
Miracle Hero Of The Rainforest YouTube video by Muhd. Nizamuddin Nu'aim

It seems that the plain Pegaga is a Hero! So where can we find the Pegaga juice in Malaysia?
I list below some of the places where I have found the superb drink with indicative price at indicated dates:

1. Stall opposite Hotel Lok Ann, Petaling Street.
GPS: 3.145224,101.697432

1. George Town : At the two renown Penang Teochew Cendul roadside stalls at Lebuh Keng Kwee.
GPS: 5.417207,100.330651

2. George Town : At the Teochew Cendul roadside stall at Lorong Macalister.
Note: this stall also sell very good Teochew Cendul but the uncle & auntie may retire soon and their children not keen on taking over.
GPS: 5.417431,100.329146

3. George Town : From a couple of drinks stalls at the Cecil Street Market.
GPS: 5.40762, 100.32891

1. Kampar : Stall at the Astaka in front of ACS Methodist School field, facing the trunk road.
GPS: 4.316641,101.152772
Price (July 2014): Cup / Take-away= RM1-50, 1.5l bottle=RM7-00

2.  Kampar : Gold Wing Coffeeshop, Jalan Pejabat Pos.
GPS: 4.310511,101.15046
Price (July 2014): Cup= RM1-50, Packet take-away=RM1-70, 1.5l bottle=RM7-00

3.  Kampar : At some of the stalls at the "36 Stalls" Food Court (they are just behind Gold Wing coffee shop), just ask around.
Price: (September 2014 Cup/Take-Away=RM1-60

4. Tanjung Tualang: At the fruit shop opposite the market.
Price (Sept. 2014): Cup/Take-away=RM1-50
GPS: 4.32574,101.055421

This Tanjung Tualang fruit shop also sell very good lemon jelly.

GPS: 5.42979, 101.13025

GPS: 3.058095,101.595258
2. Subang Jaya : Penang Cendol Stall, Giant Hypermarket, USJ1 @ RM1-00 per cup.
GPS: 3.052162,101.463058

View Pegaga Juice In Malaysia in a larger map

A major supplier of Pegaga leaves (sold per bundle) with a minimum order of MYR100:
Yow Seng Sdn Bhd.

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