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Malaysia 2014 : Bodhi Heart Buddhist Retreat

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Mount Erskine, George Town, Penang, Malaysia - June 2014
During a quick cycling jaunt on Penang Island and whilst looking for a short-cut through the Mount Erskine cemetery, I chanced upon this Buddhist retreat called Bodhi Heart.

The best way to reach the sanctuary is from Jalan Mount Erskine via a road leading from the Mount Erskine cemetery which is shady and green. Taking a left turn will lead to the entrance of Bodhi Heart. I suspect that all this surrounding greenery is why the sanctuary is located here.

Just at the left of the entrance gate is a nicely landscape rubble wall with their signage on it. With potted ferns on top, and thin bamboo and other ferns surrounding it, it hints a retreat amidst nature inside.

At the entrance, the road leading further into the sanctuary looks like that leading into a Japanese park; clean, quiet, peaceful and green. It's a gentle road for now and it tempted me to cycle much further in. It's a road that welcomes you and promises more.

Set on an 8-acre piece of land on a hilly slope with a good view of the Gurney Drive coast, Bodhi Heart has facilities to support it's intended purpose.

A small library cum AV centre.

Chalets for overnight visitors.

The Multi-purpose Hall.

More interesting are the prayer areas and meditation gardens, and the road & steps leading up to them.

Terraced garden with statues of Buddha in different poses.

Close up view of the terraced gardens, showing the statues of Buddha.

The topmost statue is that of a benevolent Buddha.

Interestingly, right at the top of the sanctuary grounds is a Tibetan Stupa.

Even more interestingly is that behind this Stupa is an Indian temple. This temple is on the sanctuary's grounds, both existing in harmony.

Down another slope will lead to two orphanages; the Ru Yi Home and the Shan Childrens' Home.

A signboard indicates sponsorship by the Lions Club Of Penang Metropolitan, with the founding that of 15th October 2011.

677-G, Jalan Mt Erskine, 10470 Tanjung Tokong, Penang, Malaysia.
Tel: 604-227 4702 / 016-444 2216 Fax: 604-228 3329
GPS: 5.43683,100.297059

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You are at - Jotaro's Blog / Footsteps / Malaysia 2014 / Bodhi Hearts Buddhist Retreat
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