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Malaysia 2014 : Tanjung Tokong Temple

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Tanjung Tokong, Penang, Malaysia - June 2014
During a quick cycling jaunt on Penang Island,I rode off to Tanjung Tokong to visit this temple. To many the "tokong" (temple in Malay) is the sea-side Tua Peh Kong Temple nearby. But for me who had been a resident of the area, this IS the temple after which Tanjung Tokong is named after. It is after all located at the foothills and is at a prominent and more visible location.

This Buddhist temple is officially known as the Heong Sun See Temple.

The road leading to the temple is Jalan Tanjung Tokong Lama. Interestingly, it is a Malay village area, with kampong style houses lining it.

To the right a ramp leads up to an annex. I am not sure of the significance of this ramp as inside, the annex looks more like a maintenance workshop. Perhaps, it is used to store chariots, palanquins, etc. for processions during festivals.

The roof of this side annex is adorned with phoenix at the sides and a mini-pagoda at the centre.

Side view of the annex roof shows elaborate curling ups at the gable ends. This is unique red curls are not frequently observed in temple roofs.

From the compound, wide red steps lead up to the main temple platform which is about twenty feet above.

Dragons over the main roof...

... and on the sides too.

At the eave of the side roof is a plaque with a nice blue lotus motifs.

A brass joss stick burner stands at the main centre doorway.

In most Chinese temples, stone lions guard the main doors. For this temple, porcelain elephants are the guards.

In the main prayer hall, a golden Kwan Yin statue sit atop the altar.

A closer look at Kwan Yin shows her sitting on a lotus whilst being attended by two hand-maidens.

To on side of the altar stands a Laughing Buddha carrying a large gold tael.

At the left annex is the office and a shop selling Buddhist memorabilia...

... like statues of Buddha and Kwan Yin.

And Many-Arms Kwan Yin Statues.

Dusk is coming, it's time to leave. Looking down at the compound, I noticed a yellow circle with four double-lined radiating arms. I wonder what this insignia stands for?
On the opposite side of the road is the new Tok Guru Mosque.

The Heong Sun See Temple may not be a large temple, but it was still a worthwhile visit.

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You are at - Jotaro's Blog / Footsteps / Malaysia 2014 / Tanjung Tokong Temple
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