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Thailand 2013 : One Night In Bangkok - Day 2

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One Night In Bangkok : 30th & 31st July 2013
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The previous day we had arrived in Bangkok, did some shopping at the Platinum Mall, and I have visited the Museum of Contemporary Arts. Today will be an easier day for me, the girls will be going shopping and I will just loiter around the neighborhood and perhaps do some shopping of my own. 

DAY 2 - 31ST JULY 2013

Good Morning!
I had a leisurely, complimentary breakfast at our hotel, the Ideal Hotel in Pratunam.
Let's hope the smiley face on the toast will bring me a happy day without too much walking.

With a happy breakfast over, I ventured forth and explored the side & back alleys nearby. This place is a make-shift market with many stalls selling various, interesting Thai things.

A lady vendor selling pickle fruits (tamarind on the left and mangoes on the right). She's very mobile, carrying her wares in two basket on a stick.

Barbecue fish & chicken on a stick.

Close up of the barbecued fish.

 A roadside shop selling ladies fashion accessories and knick-knacks.

Selling vegetables on a trolley.

... and colorful tuk-tuks whizzed by.

I turned off to a side alley and then turned again to another. The alleys became wider and with proper tiled walkways, looks like I am now in a bazaar. But then there are so many branch-off, one can really get lost in this mazes of lanes and alleyway.

The locals are very practical, the go around shopping with these colorful, soft trolley bags - these bags can be purchased here, so no worries of buying too much; just get another of these bags!

Exploring those interesting shops, I found myself lost in the maze of lanes and alleyways. Asking for directions from the locals was difficult as most Thai did not speak English and I hardly speak much Thai myself.
Fortunately, after much turning here and there, I manage to find myself at a wider alley with recognisable landmarks.
Thank goodness! I decided not to go back in & get lost again and headed for the larger shopping malls to do some shopping myself.

Along the way, I passed by this stream.
Hey! They have these river boats that will ferry tourists down to the Chao Praya River!

With more walking, I reached the Central World Mall and went around looking for some shoes that I wanted. Too bad for me, the shop selling those shoes had closed two years earlier. But I was advised that I could get them over at the nearby Siam Paragon.

"No worries, they told me. There is a pedestrian link-way to the nearby Siam Paragon " The "nearby turned out to be two kilometers on the link-way.
Oh dear.... even more walking!

This poster of pretty Thai girls did detract my mind off from my poor, aching feet for a while.

Finally! Arrived at the Siam Paragon mall. It's a very large mall, and I hunted for the shop I am supposed to go to.

And I got my shoes..... er .... I mean sandals. They are the Keen adventure sandal for my many cycling adventures (... see AhPek Biker).

A saving grace at Siam Paragon, Leonardo Dicarpio was friendly enough to pose with me!
Well.... actually it was his wax model standing at the entrance to the Madame Tussuads Wax Gallery; something is better than none.

I decided to take one of those motor-bike taxis to get back to my hotel. These motor-taxis are an efficient way of beating the Bangkok jam, even more versatile than the tuk-tuks. They will zoom and whizz their way around the narrow streets, sometimes going against traffic, sometimes going through basements of buildings.
A crazy way of getting around... AND do hang on tight for dear life!

Back at the hotel, we went again to have the stewed pig trotters and tripe for lunch. It's very good, so no harm in taking it again. Burp!
(... see Stewed Pig Trotters blog).

Time to pack our bags and say goodbye to the Ideal Hotel; we have a plane to catch.

Up at Don Maung Airport was this orange Nok Air plane. I like its bright, noticeable colors.

Goodbye Bangkok!
It has been one crazy short trip of shopping, visiting temples & museums with lots of walking!

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