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Sites : Prambanan Temple - Jogjakarta, Indonesia

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A UNESCO Heritage Site, Jogjakarta, Indonesia - May,2013
It is no surprise to find Prambanan, a Hindu temple in cultural Jogjakarta, after all Hinduism was practiced during the ancient days of the Majapahit Empire and even earlier. What is surprising is the tolerance that the locals have shown in preserving a different past, in accepting something that is different from the present.

A large signboard welcomed us when we visited this place during a holiday to Jogjakarta (... see Jogjakarta 2013 : Day 2- A Day Of Temples).
Looks familiiar? Yes, it does. The citadels of the temples look like those of Angkor Wat, both being of Hindu architecture. But there is a marked difference, while Angkor is built from sandstone, Prambanan is built from volcanic rock.

Therein lies the beauty of both places, a beauty of man's efforts to embrace their religion by putting up monuments with whatever material is at hand; taking pains to construct architectural masterpieces no matter how long it takes.

To enter the place, visitors can get entry tickets at to the Reception Building. Entry fee for adult foreigners is IDR 171,000, for locals and work permit holders it is IDR 30,000. They are student rates too (... see entry fees)

 Just after the reception building, are many signboards, these are worth while reading a it gives detailed information about Prambanan.

Close up of the write-up giving details about the temple.

Another close-up of write up.

During an earthquake in 2006, part of the temple was destroyed. Restoration work is still on going.

Signboard poster showing damaged caused by the earthquake.

Signboard showing photos of rehabilitation works of damaged caused by earthquake.

Rehabilitation works are still ongoing, even now piles of stones can be seen at the site.

Map/Plan showing grounds of the temple.

From the Reception Building, we walked to the temple proper through this landscaped boulevard.

And then up some steps to the temple platform. Up close the beauty of the structures becomes more apparent.

Two of the main citadels.

Close up of one of the citadels.

Zoom in of the top of the citadel.

At the perimeter are smaller citadels, these on square bases with only the top half tapering upwards.

A bottom-up view of one of the citadels.

Strangely, there are mini-stupas at the fringe of the base of the citadels. Seems like stupas are not exclusive to Buddhism. But then this should not be so odd, as both Hinduism & Buddhism predating Christianity by millenia, originated from the Indian Subcontinent.

The carvings on the staircase stringers are also very similar to those at Borobudur.

Owl stone carving at base of column.

At one of the temple citadels, visitors can gain entry. Queue up at on of the gates, take a blue helmet and enter. But only 50 visitors are allowed in at one time, so do be considerate and try to finish your internal viewing as fast as possible.

A view of the grounds from inside the citadel.

Inside view of lion head wall relief stone carving.

Inside there is a shrine to an Indian Goddess.

Court Scene wall relief stone carving.

Chanting Girls wall relief stone carving.

And on the outside, more zoom-in details :
A stone frog gargoyle sitting on a corner column ledge.

Close-up view of sides of citadel tower, showing elaborate carvings.

Trumpeting elephants stone carving sitting on ledge at mid-level.

The base of the citadel towers.

The exit point, a few steps down and it's back to the grounds of the complex.

For those who don't feel like walking there is this electric tram-train to take one around, but at the temple proper one will still have to walk.

Near the exit is this statue of a cowboy riding a horse; it looks out of place and I wonder what it is doing here?

Prambanan Temple, it's a place worthwhile visiting while in Jogjakarta.

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