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Malaysia 2013 - Royal Selangor Pewter

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Malaysia 2013 : Royal Selangor Pewter  - June 2013
Pewter Mugs with scenes of Malaysian tourist destinations and with a unique horn bill handle.
While on a cycling adventure around Kuala Lumpur City (... see Royal, Royal, Royal Ride), part of our destination was the Royal Selangor Pewter Showroom & Factory in Setapak. It was indeed a very worthwhile and educational visit, for not only did we see beautiful pewter pieces but were also shown how they were made with a history of the company added in.


Pair Of Running Horses - wall tablet.

Swimming Goldfishes - wall tablet.

Golden Carps In The Lily Pond - pewter wall tablet.

Pewter Money Trees - (Money does grow on trees!)

Pewter Tankards

Side view of the pewter tankards.

Pewter tankard, tea leaf containers & cups.

Pewter Chinese Tea Set

More pewter Chinese Tea sets.

Glass vases with pewter flower stalk tube.

Polish Pewter Birds

Pewter Clock in a dark stained timber stand.

Pewter Flower Holders

Polished Pewter Teapots

Animals of the Chinese Zodiac in polished pewter.

Chinese tea leaf canisters - the workmanship for this must be excellent for the covers to slide down by themselves, just like those Japanese brass canisters (see Jotaro Footsteps : Kyoto Day 3)

More Chinese tea leaf canisters.

Pewter Replica of the Instana Besar Seri Menanti

Polished Pewter Peacock & Peahen

Pewter Jewelry

2009 Shanghai Tennis Masters Trophy

Digi Communications Mascot in polished gold pewter.

Some of these are real antique pieces while others are reproduction of the original antiques.

Antique pewter altar candlesticks - early 20th century.

Antique pewter steamboat pot & altar pieces.

Tools used in the early days of the pewter industry.

More tools used in the early days.

Antique Pewter Tea-set - early 20th century.

Antique "Melon Series" teapot - late 19th century.


A poster elaborating what is pewter & its uses.

The production floor was at the ground floor of the factory, it was a huge space with many work tables. Today, it was empty as today is Malaysia's King's Birthday, a public holiday.

But we were lucky, there is a demo & show room section on the first floor which is even opened on public holidays.

Here, there are demonstrations on some of the processes of pewter production. The above shows a craftswoman hammering out "dent" patterns onto a pewter cup. It's no easy task as one has to hammer on the same spot twice. We know, as visitors are allowed to try and we did!

Another craftswoman polishing pewter cups.

Pouring molten pewter into a mold.

The opened mold showing a teapot handle.

Molded teapot handles ready for polishing and fixing.

And the finished products.

Finished polished gold pewter bowl and money trees.

No pewter goes to waste, swarf are collected twice a day and remelted.


Large pewter figures "1885", the founding year of Royal Selangor Pewter proudly displayed at the entrance to the showroom and demo floor.

The Four Gentlemen poster - explaining the virtues of the motifs used in the pewter wares.

Poster elaborating the history of the pewter tankard.

The Lucky "Melon" Teapot story.

Pewter bust of Royal Selangor Pewter pioneer Mr. Yong Peng Kai.

A memorial plaque below the bust.

Jalan Usahawan 6, Setapak Jaya
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Enquiries : +603-4145 6000
Sales Support : +603-4149 5100 


 9:00 am–5:00 pm daily

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