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YummY! - Fluffy Kaya (Coconut Jam) Puffs @ Sin Eng Heong, Ipoh

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Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia - 24th November, 2012
There's a bakery in Ipoh that I would like to think of my own little secret place; for I discovered it a few years back and have been telling my friends about it.

It's the Sin Eng Heong Biscuit Shop. They sell several types of good biscuits & pastry but the cream of their crop is their Kaya (Coconut Jam) Puffs.

Kaya Puffs are puffs made with coconut-jam filling. Coconut jam is a spread made from beaten eggs and coconut cream. The jam is cooked in a double broiling pot and has to be continuously stirred to obtain that smooth creamy consistency.

What makes Sin Eng Heong's kaya puffs first class is that they are thicker and more crispy unlike those flat types that one normally find being sold at coffeeshops.
Their crust are thicker too with the infill kaya being of more solid constituency. Most others have their kaya of gooey nature.
And they are freshly baked. Don't believe me? Go try for yourselves!

These kaya puffs are so in demand that one have to call up to pre-order.
Even then, when collecting from the shop one will have to queue up.
Business must be good, as since I "discovered" those few years back, they have expanded to occupy to shop-lots.

The orders are for take-aways and they are sold in boxes of tens and fives.

The packaging comes in a nice maroon red boxes.

Most of the patrons are out-of-towners, who buy by the boxes to distribute to their family and friends back home.

Sin Eng Heong also offers other biscuits and pastries such as their own version of "Tambun Biscuits", ground-mut fritters, etc.

The shop is easy to notice. Like many business in Ipoh that caters to out-of-town visitors, it is painted in loud, garish colors - can't miss it!

Sin Eng Heong Biscuit Shop
64-66, Jalan Mustqapha Al-Bakri
Jalan Clare, 30300 Ipoh, Perak

Contact : +6012-5952217 (Ng Lian Pin)
              : +605-2439659

GPS : 4.594852, 101.084872

Sin Eng Heong Biscuit Shop Location Map (Google Map Link)

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