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Photo Gallery - Malaysia : Street Art of George Town, Penang

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Lady Opera Singer at side alley off Ah Quee Street
These are photos that I took while I was on bike ride around the George Town, Penang UNESCO Heritage Core Zone, Malaysia. It is interesting how the artists have use physical props to be part of the art. Enjoy.

Children Playing Basketball off Chulia Street Ghaut

Children Riding Bicycles off Ah Quee Street

Children On A Swing at Step By Step Lane off Chulia Street Ghaut

Nyonya Beaded Slipper

Brothers Ah Hock & Ah Hin in front of Signature Wall where tourist can leave their mark.
- off Church Street Ghaut

A forklift is used to hoist tourists up to leave their mark. The brothers provide this and the marker pens at no charge, such is how the residents here are proud of their locality.

Kid with pet dinosaur chasing a kid on a motorcylist.
- at Ah Quee Street

Close up of "Kid On A Motorcycle"

Colorful Patchwork Quilt

Chinese Opera Actress, with a plea to maintain the artist's handy work.
- at alley off Ah Quee Street

Old Thinking Man
- Armenian Street

Children On A Boat
- Chew Jetty
(This mural is badly eroded, probably due to the sea air reacting with the paint)

This was how the "Children On A Boat" mural originally looked light (this is from a postcard)
Resting Trishaw Man @ Penang Road

Fish Fins
- Atelier Hotel, Stewart Lane

Fish Fins close up

Wire Art at Stewart Lane

British Colonial Officer Wire Art
- Stewart Lane

Woman Hawker Wire Art - Stewart Lane

Amah (servant maid) taking care of little boy
-Stewart Lane

Indian Dhobi (Laundry Man) - Stewart Lane

Another view of the wire art capturing the mood of the colonial pre-war houses
- Stewart Lane

Signboard depicting the history of Stewart Lane

Backpacker Tourist Checking Into Budget Hotel

Rickshaw Wire Art - Soo Hong Lane

Parrot Astrologer at King Street

Chinese and English Business men with Junk in background
- Victoria Street

Temple Foot Procession with Police Outrider
- Armenian Street

Close up of Chinese Foot Procession (please excuse the "blurred" image - it's the shadows)

Scrap Dealers Wire Art @ Armenian Street

Bullock Cart with 1/2 Cent Wheels - Pitt Street
(this is from the local saying "your coins are as large as a bullock cart wheels" meaning back in those days the value of money was high!

Multi-tasking Amah (Bonded Maid) @ Muntri Street

Signboard depicting the history of Muntri Street

Tricycle cart bread-seller selling Roti Bengali @ King Steet

Bullock Cart Wire Art @ Queen Street

Map of George Town, showing the locations of the many street art. Seems like I missed out a few and will be busy the next time I go to Penang.

Update August 2014:
This is a link to an interactive map showing locations of the Street Art of Penang -
Penang Street Art Interactive Map Link

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You are at - Jotaro's Blog / Footsteps / Malaysia 2012 - Art Gallery / Malaysian Art / Street Art of George Town, Penang
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