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Photo Gallery - Vietnam : Vietnamese Art

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Vietnamese Lacquer Art - Woman in traditional rural attire.
These are photos that I took during the stop by at a factory outlet whare-house en route to Ha Long Bay during the second day of our tour of Hanoi. (see Vietnam - Hanoi : Day 2). Enjoy.


Yup... one would think that cross-stitching embroidery is for old ladies with a lot of time on their hands, BUT NO! These Vietnamese fine cross-stitching are exemplary of their cottage art. AND REALLY, they are cross-stitching!

 Vietnamese Woman Fruit Seller

Vietnamese Small Town Scene

Sampan Fishermen

Fishermen At Dawn

Swans In The Countryside

Fisherman Casting Net

Fishermen At Dusk

River Fishermen

The Vietnamese are renown for their lacquer works, making them into also sorts of things like fruit bowls, coasters, paneled art, etc.

Traditionally Dressed Vietnamese Woman

Japanese Red Crested Cranes (in four panels)

Lady in traditional Vietnamese rural attire.


White Marble Lion Sculpture

Red Stone Chinese Lion Sculpture

Marble Woman Sculpture

Marble Abstract Woman Sculpture

Marble Abstract Mother & Baby Sculpture

Marble Mermaid & Dolphins Sculpture

Marble Laughing Buddha Sculptures

Glazed & Un-glazed Pottery

Un-glazed Tribal Art Pot

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You are at - Jotaro's Blog / Footsteps / Art Gallery / Vietnam : Vietnamese Art
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