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Art Gallery - Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

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Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
Amsterdam, Netherlands - September 2016
"Dusk view of Rijksmuseum" - Taken John Lewis Marshall in 2014
(Kindly do not reproduce or download this photo, go to Rijksmuseum Press Kit page for downloads with their conditions)
The Rijksmuseum was founded in The Hague in 1800 and moved to Amsterdam in 1808, where it was first located in the Royal Palace. The current main building was designed by Pierre Cuypers and first opened its doors in 1885. It is on of the most visited museum in the Netherlands and with record numbers of 2.2 million and 2.47 million visitors. It is also the largest art museum in the country.

The museum has on display 8,000 objects of art and history, from their total collection of 1 million objects from the years 1200–2000, among which are some masterpieces by RembrandtFrans Hals, and Johannes Vermeer. I was most fortunate to visit it while on a tour of Europe.

These are the photos taken of the artwork at the museum; for presentation purposes and due to photography angle, many of these have been cropped and edited to compensate for low lighting. It is better to visit the museum as nothing beats seeing the originals.
(Click here to go to the Rijksmuseum website)

Below are the various galleries of the museum, click on relevant photos to go to the particular floor or gallery. Enjoy!


Museumstraat 1 1071 XX Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Telephone: +31 (0) 20 6747 000     | Email: 
Hours: Friday to Wednesday -  9:00am to 5:00pm
Admission price: €17.50 for adults; click here for more admission pricing.
Webpage:     |     Email:
GPS: 52.35999, 4.88521
(Click here for Google Street View)

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