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Art Gallery - Korean Art @ Daegu Bongsan Culture Street

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Korean Art @ Daegu Bongsan Culture Street
Daegu, South Korea - June 2016
These are artwork we saw at Daegu's Bongsan Culture Street while on a cycling trip in Daegu, South Korea. Some were murals/art pieces displayed in the open while others were from gallery shops which the owners had kindly allowed me to take photos.
I do apologise if some of the photos here have reflections in them, because of this and photography angle, some of the photos have been truncated for better presentation. Do go there personally to view for a better experience.

_________________________________________________________________________  Below are artwork from the LOL Gallery (actually it's in Korean characters that looks like LOL). These works, of a contemporary style, are by Korean lady artists: Kim Gyu Hee, Oh Sun Ryeong, Woo Jin A, Im Su Jung.

A stylised painting with an unique head-dress of a lady's accessories. Or are those her thoughts?

Red cactus with a yellow flower on one of its branches; I am still trying to figure out the significance of the yellow flower.

Another cactus, this one with a surrealistic eye peeping out.

Flowers hanging from a pine branch, like some Christmas tree decorations.

A yellow flower in front of a pinkish crescent moon.

Golden & pink sunflowers.

Bright red daisy.

A purple orchid?

A sunflower shining brightly like the sun.

Yellow & Orange flowers combo.

Strong & psychedelic purple flowers.

Flowers rising up at a waterfall.

Youn Youn Ja, the administrator & director of the LOL Gallery.


Below are some traditional art pieces from another studio:

Black geese or swans?

Golden Dragon, does it look fierce?

River boat scene.

Humming bird caught a prawn?

Chinese calligraphy art.

Autumn scene of a traditional pine wood Korean house.

Traditional royal carriage procession.


And of the art street itself:

Street art wall murals of people viewing art at the galleries.

A replica of Van Gogh's "Cafe Terrace At Night".

That Paris cafe night scene is interactive, one can sit at the real table in front and pose.

Sandstone carving "Fighter's Armor" by Jung Hee Wook (1800x720x2050).

A view of the Bongsan Culture Street with shops, galleries and cafe lining it.

Other than the art galleries, along the street are several shops selling art supplies...

... and chic artsy cafes where artist and their admirers gather to chat.

There is even a dance studio called "Black Swan Dance" regularly dance performances (such as their version of Swan Lake & the Nutcracker) are performed.

A couple of streets away, at the entrance arch to the Daegu Herb Market are granite statues of costumed locals preparing tradition herbal medicine.

A man roll cutting/mashing Korean herbs...

... and a lady brewing herbal medicine in a traditional clay spouted pot.

Bongsan Culture Street Location:
Bongsanmunhwa-gil, Daegu, South Korea.
GPS: 35.864362, 128.596461

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