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YummY! - Tapioca Noodles @ Restaurant Pu Yuan (朴苑小食馆)

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Tapioca Noodles @ Restaurant Pu Yuan (朴苑小食馆)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - February 2016
It's the annual cycling ride to close off the Chinese year for our hApPy Cycling Group. Normally we could go to a place to have dinner that includes tossing some Yee Sang.
This year we had something different; we went to try some good Hokkien food in Kuala Lumpur. And it was not at some poshy place but at a very discrete place which serve good traditional Hokkien food; of which their signature dish "Fried Tapioca Noodles" is a rare item that's hard to find in these modern times.
UPDATE April 2017: I stand corrected these are actually potato noodles with some tapioca flour added to make them more springy. 

We went to Restaurant Pu Yuan, a place which many would not have heard about (including yours truly). It's a odd place, set in a quiet spot off busy Old Klang Road. Entering the place where the shop is is like entering another world, akin to a quiet world of secret societies. The restaurant is located in an unpaved lane with two rows of timber squatter houses. It boast no signages, not bright lights. Like I mentioned, it's a non-descript place that seems to only accept members who are in the know.

And the shop itself looks like a run-down shanty with no windows and no English sign, just the number 112. Entry is through that small white door; I half expected someone to ask for a password before letting us in!

It's a good thing too that not many know about this place (... I am beginning to sound selfish here, yah?) as it is a small shop with only seven tables, mostly small ones except for two larger ones.

My friends who were familiar with the place made the orders. First to come was the tapioca noodles.... it's odd to start of with a noodle dish, but then we were hungry from our cycling AND this was their signature dish.
When the dish came, I stared at it... hmmmm.... just flat, short strips of dark brown thick flat noodles.... Hmmmm doesn't look THAT appetizing.

But when I sank my teeth into it, my heart was won over.
Chewy with a good bite, and stir-fried with pounded dried prawns which had imparted that slightly burnt aroma and taste; the dish was a very good balance of bite, flavour and aroma.
It was so good that we ordered a second round.

The next dish that came was another traditional Hokkien dish; stir-fried "Pek Kueh". It's boiled rice cake sliced into thin strips and then stir-fried. Another good dish too.

Next, Century Eggs stuffed with Fish Paste and coated with a thin layer of batter before being deep fried.

They have selected and used good Century Eggs the ones with the yolk still slightly runny. The fish paste was soft with a good fishy flavour.

In between, a simple stir-fried "Emperor Vegetables", with the good food being served, we definitely were feeling royal.

Tofu, deep-fried with a thin coat of batter. Looks simple but it was good.

This is their house tofu, made by themselves with a pinch of chopped vegetables.

A "sinful" food for a change - Stewed Pig Trotters with some mossy Fatt Choy. It looked like the skin would have been tough, but surprisingly it was soft and easy to chew into.

Stir-fried Glass Noodles, cooked with some prawns and garnished with chopped spring onions and deep-fried shallots.

Simply stir-fried cabbaged with deep-fried dried prawns. Some strips of carrots have been added to give some colour to the dish.

My favourite dish for the evening - Steamed Grass Carp with chillied bean paste sauce. This one is slightly different from other places, the sauce has less bean paste, hence it is not so salty. In fact the sauce was just perfect for the very fresh fish that had been steam just nicely too (i.e. not under-cooked or over-cooked).

We got the front stomach portion (yee lam) of the fish and it was of a good size; and I wallop the big head, slowly slurping up the gelatinous parts.

Stir-fried Misua.
You must be wondering, is this a Hokkien dish? Definitely! Misua originated from Fujian, China.... so did the Hokkiens. The Misua used here is of the thicker type and not so sticky.

Another favourite to finish off the dinner... Steamed Grass Carp with Ginger Sauce. The ginger was finely chopped up, easy to bite into and brought  out the full flavour of the fresh fish.

We did eat a lot, after which we cycled back to ride off the meal (... feeling a bit guilty there actually!). Irrespective, it was a good meal; the damage was RM27-00 per head, not much of a damage for this wonderful meal.

Restaurant Pu Yuan (朴苑小食馆)
112, Batu 4-1/2, Jalan Klang Lama, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: +603-79824410
Mobile: +6016-2790629 / +6012-3642684 (Mr. Lee)
Hours: 11:30am to 3:00pm / 6:00pm to 10:00pm

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