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YummY! - Thai Laksa @ One City

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Thai Laksa @ One City
Sky Park @ One City, USJ 25, UEP Subang Jaya, Malaysia - July 2015
Looking for good Thai Curry Noodles? Look no further, there is this very good one from Khrua Thai at the Skypark of One City in USJ.

And it comes well and uniquely presented. Instead of the noodles already in the curry, the noodles are served on a large platter with two bowls of curry at one side. On a separate plate are some vegetables. 

The noodles are boiled separately and served separately. They are unlike the Penang Laksa noodles which are thick and have a bouncy bite. These are just slightly thicker than the normal vermicelli (bee hoon) and have the same soft bite texture.

A look at the vegetables that came with it - boiled bean sprouts and long beans, together with fresh basil leaves. The basil leaves were a nice touch, it imparted a good aroma to the noodles.

The dish came with two separate bowls of curry, one was a red curry which was moderately spicy. Inside were cuts of fish ball and some shredded chicken.

The other was a Green Curry which came with chunks of chicken. The colour belied it's spiciness, it was much more hotter than the red one and inside were those round green Thai chilli-peppers! I found this to be a bit salty though.

So how do I go about eating the whole thing?
As for the red curry, I dipped generous amounts of the noodles and some vegetables inside, making sure not to miss the Basil leaves. This one is good! The curry went very well with the noodles with the shredded chicken clinging to them.
As for the green curry, wary of its saltiness, I scooped a couple of spoonful onto the noodles and ate them "kon-loh" style. The chicken was very nice though.

Pricing was very reasoable, RM10/- for this lunch combo that comes with a glass of lemongrass-green tea. Khrua Thai also serves a full range of Thai fare. Now I know where to find good food at One City.

RF03, Roof Top, Sky Park One City, Jalan USJ25/1A, 47650 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: +603-51150139     |     Mobile: +6013-2890139
email: khruathai@thesky.com.my
Facebook: Khrua-Thai-at-One-City-Rooftop.     |     Webpage: http://www.onecity.com.my/shops/khrua-thai/
Hours: 12pm to 3pm  & 6pm-10:30pm(Everyday)

GPS : 3.022146, 101.580332
(Click here for Google Street View)

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