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YummY! - Curry Prawn & Bread @ Nibong Tebal

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Curry Prawn & Bread @ Nibong Tebal
Lim Aik Chew Coffee-shop, Nibong Tebal, Penang, Malaysia - June 2015
Nibong Tebal has many interesting and good food to try out. First there is the famous "Too Boo Swee", which is boiled baby octopus dipped into nice chilli sauce with crunched ground-nuts. Just days earlier I had tried the crab-broth at Restoran NT Cheang Kee.
This time, while on a cycling trip from Taiping to Penang, I got to savour another of the town's delicacy - fantastic curry prawn that goes very well with thick slabs of bread!

I let you in on a secret though, not that many know about this prawn curry served at Lim Aik Chew coffee-shop. It's because it's tucked discretely in a row of old single-storey timber shop-houses over on the other side of the Kerian River. One can drive over based on the GPS coordinates given below; or be a little more adventurous, park at the end of Jalan Teluk Ipil right at the edge of the old town and walk over the pedestrian bridge. The shop is just over at the other end of the bridge, do be careful though when you walk over as motor-cyclists uses this bridge too.

Across the bridge, you will be rewarded with a plate of appetizing curry prawn. Not only do they look good; they tasted good too. The curry is not overly spicy and cooked with some santan that gives it a slightly creamy flavour. The prawny flavour had seeped into the curry as well.

The prawns we had were fairly large sized white-shell sea prawns, cooked together with their shells. A slit had been made at their backs for the curry to infuse in.
They do serve the curry with udang galah (freshwater river prawns), but I like the sea water prawns. Their meat are softer and sweeter.

To complete the meal, a plate of fluffy bread to dip into the savoury curry!
The bread comes from a local bakery; locals call them Bengali roti as they comes from Indian-run bakeries which makes this signature bread. Of larger loaves with thicker yet soft crusts, they are more fluffy. When cut into thick slabs they just soak in the curry.... YummY!
A simple yet heavenly meal.

This place does serve other food than the prawns; we had this deep-fried fish with sweet and sour sauce. It was good too but was over-shadowed by the curry prawns... but then perhaps I am prawn biased!

The small rustic village feel of the shop.
436  Tanjung Berembang, 14310 Nibong Tebal, Seberang Prai Selatan, Penang.
Tel: 04-593 2957 / 016-5904 8912 (Mr Lim)
Hours: Closed by 3:00pm (Opened everyday)
GPS: 5.150826, 100.462290
(Click here for Google Street View)

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