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Gallery : Colours Of Gawai

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Colours Of Gawai
Kampung Bunan Gega & Kampung Mongkos, Sarawak, Malaysia - June 2015
We had to opportunity to celebrate Gawai this year when on a cycling trip in Sarawak and were most taken in by the warmth of the locals and the lively celebration (... see Gawai Harvest Festival blog). The people too were colourful in their distinct, warm personalities and their vivid tribal costumes. Here, I post some photos of these people that we met together with some other colourful photos.

Village elder.

Bidayuh Couple.

Bidayuh man doing a traditional dance during the procession.

Close up of his rattan-weave hat.

A woman in her traditional Bidayuh attire.

Man with a nice feathered head-dress.

Close up look at the feathered head-dresses.

Head-dress with a carved hornbill.

A closer look a the hornbill head-dress.

Earthenware at Zone 2, Kampung Bunan Gega.


Young boys at Zone 1, Kampung Bunan Gega.

Longhouse common corridor-hall; these is where locals gather for communal gathering and celebrations - Kampung Mongkos.

Native shields, gongs, rattan-weave harvest tray on display at wall of communal cultural longhouse in Kampung Bunan Gega.

The following are photos from Gawai eve celebrations at the longhouse in Kampung Mongkos:
Blind drum-beater.

Young Bidayuh girls preparing for cultural dance presentation.

Bidayuh boy at dance performance.

Bidayuh girl at dance performance.

Lady in nice floral blouse and sarong doing a slow traditional dance.


... and then dancing.

The following photos show the women in the different traditional costumes:

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You are at - Jotaro's Blog / Footsteps / Malaysia 2015 - Gallery / Colours Of Gawai
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