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Sites : St. Paul's Cathedral Dunedin NZ

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St. Paul's Cathedral Dunedin
 Dunedin, South Island, New Zealand - November 2014
The St. Paul's Cathedral is ranked by Trip Advisor as one of the top destination to visit while in Dunedin. So on a free and easy tour day while doing some cycling in New Zealand, a friend & I decided to drop in a have a quick look around before going on to some other destinations.
To replace an old parish church (built in 1860's), construction of this Gothic looking building started in 1915, and was consecrated on February 1919. This blog is on the beauty and design of the cathedral.

Inside tall columns hold up an impressive vaulted ceiling, the only one made from stone in New Zealand.
The cathedral is the mother church for the Anglican Diocese of Dunedin and is seat of the Bishop of Dunedin.

Although the rest of the cathedral has the old look of a Medieval church, the chancel with is white walls ad tall angled glass, look like one of a modern looking church. Completed in 1971, it is in fact relatively new.

One one side of the chancel is a white marble pulpit sitting on round green marble legs.

On the other side sitting on a mezzanine is a great pipe organ, one with 3,500 pipes to which music is played for the church's renown choir.

Only from the altar is it noticed that the modern stained glass cross is actually on a large piece of glass hanging over the chancel, just slightly in front of the altar.
To the front, an older elaborate stained mosaic glass window sits above the entrance. 

A closer look at the main entrance window which is dedicated to those who gave their life during the Great War.

Close up of the top section of the main entrance glass mosaic window.

Close up of the bottom section of the entrance glass mosaic window.

Other beautiful stained glass mosaic at the side aisles, side mezzanine, etc.

A marble baptismal font with elaborate carvings.

Side aisle with marble arches and marble vaulted ceiling.

Side top-up view of main vaulted ceiling over the nave showing the high level windows with flowery arches.

View of smaller organ pipes from the transepts.

Just after the main entrance door, stairs lead down to the vestry at the lower ground floor. At the mid-landing is the marble plaque with two guardian angels.

Down at the vestry, on one wall are paintings & photos of some past bishops.

To one side of the St. Paul's Cathedral is the Dunedin Town Hall, another old and elaborate building. Perhaps next time I get to visit Dunedin, I will have a closer look.

Address: 228 Stuart St, Dunedin 9016, South Island, New Zealand
Tel: +64 3 477 2336     |     E-Mail: office@stpauls.net.nz
GPS: -45.873905, 170.503083

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