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YummY! - Black Man Nasi Lemak @ Menjalara Kepong

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Bandar Menjalara, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - January 2015
I was introduced to this nasi lemak when a friend wanted to cycle there and try it. She did not know the way, so me and another friend led her there. And am I glad that we helped her as I got to eat Black Man Nasi Lemak, one of the bestest nasi lemak!

But why the name Black Man... well the vendor Patmund (It's a play on the Black Man name, some aunties don't prounounce it that well, so he use the nickname Patmund) is a very tanned fella. I guess his patrons started calling him Or Lang (that's Black Man in Hokkien) and the name stuck.
He operates from a roadside stall at Bandar Menjalara, Kepong.

Patmund has capitalized on his image and even has a cartoon icon to resemble himself in banners and in his calling card. Yes, he has a calling card and even a FaceBook page!

Black Man's road-side stall is on among many along the road, just look out for his bright orange banner and a queue of people lining up to take-away. This guy sure knows how to do marketing!
Well, so much for the introduction, how is his nasi lemak?

As in other nasi lemak, he offers a few dishes for customers to choose from:
1. Chicken curry,
2. Potato curry with pork balls,
3. Deep fried pork cutlets,
4. Fried eggs.
5. Curry cockles (that's in the pot at the top right).
Served with these options are the standard nasi lemak fare; slices of cucumber, half an half-boiled egg, ground nuts and crispy deep-fried anchovies. And of course the perennial favourite - sambal, of which there is a big, big pot.

 As far as curry chicken goes, his is good but I won't say that it's the best. The chicken is well cooked but still tender enough and has absorbed in the curry flavours well.

The deep fried pork cutlets were nicely seasoned to give them a good taste. The meat though is a bit too dry. I would have loved this better if there were some fat in the meat.

Potato Curry With Pork Balls.
Now this one is good, and unique dish to this stall. The potatoes have been cut in to small cubes and cooked in a curry together with the pork ball which have been cut in medium length spiral. The spiral cut means that the curry had coated the balls more.

The curry cockles cooked without santan and in a wet style is my favourite. Unlike many nasi lemak stall that cooks cockles curry the dry rendang way, this wet curry maintained the juiciness of the cockles while at the same time the cockle flavour has seeped into the curry.

Now comes the most important part of any nasi lemak, the rice itself. It's called nasi lemak, a Malay word meaning creamy rice.
Black Man's rice is one of the best I have tasted. He had done it well, he's not stingy on the santan but had not overly added too much. It's just creamy enough. And I think to enhance his rice he has added some spice, that's why the rice looks slightly brownish. The cooking of the rice to is well done, soft but not soggy with individual grains clearly seen.

It all worked out to a good combo of rice with delicious curries.
Note, the servings here a pretty big. For small eaters it would be good to go for half rice and one or two of the optionals.
We were greedy, and took all options and felt full till dinner time. *smirks*

Road-side stall, Jalan 1/62a, Bandar Menjalara, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
(It's facing the Double One Restaurant coffee shop at the junction with Jalan 8/62a)
Tel: +6-0123767574
UPDATE December 2015 : Being a mobile stall, Black Man relocates easily. Latest is that he is located at Segambut, slightly after the Seafood Curry Noodles place. Do check his FB page for updates.

Facebook -

GPS: 3.195526, 101.631350
Hours: 8:00 am until sold out which is probably around 10:00am.

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  1. Hi Bro, I went to the coordinates in your page but ended up near the shell petrol station and a different nasi lemak stall. I think he's probably shifted. 😕 I'll go hunt for him

    1. Hi H,
      Thanks for your update of the stall location not being there anymore.
      I have double checked his facebook page and now it states that he is located at Jalan 9/62a, Bandar Menjelara, which is round the corner (at shoplots opposite Tesco).
      Should I go there, I will double-check to see.

      Thanks for the update, do keep them comiing.