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India 2015 Kolorful Kerala - Title Page

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India 2015 Kolorful Kerala : 6th-12th January 2015

I like India. I find it bright in colours, stong in flavours and full of culture. After visiting north India a couple of years ago (... see blog), we were itching to go again. This time we decided to visit Kerala in South India. After this second visit, we found India to be very diversified; the north and the south are so different - different dialects, climates, dressing, etc. But surprisingly, we did find cool climates in the hills of Munnar and Periyar.

1. We booked our local ground tour with an Indian tour company called Indian Panorama, they can tailor-make destinations and hotels to suit.
2. Pre-paid phone SIM cards for foreigners need two days for activiation.
3. Wi-fi may not be easily available at some hotels:
    - Ensure that your hotel booking include wi-fi, otherwise there may be an additional charge for wifi.
    - Some hotels may not have wifi; or wifi may be available at the lobby area only.
4. Driving speed limits for main roads is 70km/h, so adjust for travelling time accordingly.
5. The roads up to and down from the hills are winding, some people may get dizzy or nauseous.
6. South Indian food being chilli hotter. The term they use is spicy; when asked if  you want your food spicy, it does not mean with more spices but means whether you want your food chilli hotter.
7. Kerala has many Catholic churches, many of which are of interesting design and sit on conspicuous hill slopes. If time permits, do stop to admire them.


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You are at - Jotaro's Blog / Footsteps / India 2015 Kolorful Kerala
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