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YummY! - ABC Ice Kacang @ Fatty Loong Kepong

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Kepong Baru, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - January 2015
I like ice-kacang(or ais kacang), the ice shaving dessert filled with red beans & sometimes fruits and topped up with syrup is just right for our hot tropical weather. A bowl of cooling ice-kacang would probably be what the doctor will prescribe to cheer oneself up!
An easy to remember name for this is ABC - Air Batu Campur in Bahasa Malaysia, meaning "Mixed Ice".

So when we cycled to a lean-to food court in Kepong Baru during one of our weekly biking romps (... see AhPek Biker blogs), I knew we were in for a good thing. It's at these non-descript places that we often find good food. I have had some good ice-kacang in Kepong Baru previously (... see blog) and was hoping that this stall, Fatty Loong, will be just as good, if not better.

And this one from Fatty Loong was awesome. It was filled with sweet creamy corn, cube-lets of sea coconut and cincau, strips of cendol, peanuts, and of course the most important ingredient - boil red beans! Ingredients vary from place to place but the red beans are a must as they are the "kacang" in the word "ice-kacang".

Other than the ingredients what makes good ice-kacang is the ice; it should be smoothly shaved to give a easy melt-in-the-mouth experience. Many stall don't take the effort to ensure these and they end up with hard flaky ice. Fat Loong's has one of the smoothest ice shavings that I have ever tried.

The syrup is the next important ingredient. These days, many stalls are using Gula Melaka syrup; the one here loses to none. Treacle-ly thick, it was sweet with a full Gula Melaka aroma.

Dig...dig... dig ... a close up look at what's inside.

Fatty Loong, the man - now you understand why he is called that.

Irrespective of what he is called, his ice-kacang is a favourite. Bowls of ingredients are prepared in advance so that customers won't have to wait long.

Satisfied customers. See... it does bring out the smiles!

Kepong Baru, 52100 Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: +016-606 1566

GPS & Direction Map: 3.20693, 101.64425
Price (at time of blog): MYR3-00 per bowl. Extras ingredients at additional Rm0-50.

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